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Double Detention by Overhill [Reviews - 3]

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beta-ed by Lorcalon and jessicadamien

Double Detention

It's easier, so much easier to keep an eye on disaster-prone Harry Potter by having him in this office, copying out the detention records of his father and his friends. And it's ironic, of course, that he himself devised the curse that led to Harry's current predicament.

Of course, Snape has other uses for the boy's detention--getting more material for Professor Vindictus Viradian's collection of hexes, for example. As well as seeming useful to the caretaker, Filch.

He knows that no one served detention for anything that they did to him as a boy, a sore spot after all these years; but then again, he never served for that curse that sliced James Potter's cheek. Until now.

He watches from the window as the Quidditch teams head off to their game. Lily's doppelganger, Ginny, is easily spotted, her red hair, just a shade off from Lily's, though Ginny's is cut shorter than Lily's was.

Lily hadn't played Quidditch; he remembers her school robes being caught by the wind, twisting around her, and her laughter as they joined the mass of spectators. He attempts for a brief moment to imagine Lily as a Quidditch player, then pushes the thought aside.

Snape takes another sip of tea, not offering any to Harry. "Beautiful day for a match." He would have liked to have watched it in the spring air.

He doesn't think that Ginny and Harry as a couple will last. Ginny, after all, is a flirt. The Slytherins keep an eye on the behaviours of all Purebloods; Draco, on the dealings of Harry Potter. Gossip about the Gryffindors is a constant in the Common room. Snape wonders idly what the Hufflepuffs talk about in theirs.

"And afterwards, I'm sure that everyone will be off snogging by the lake," he says, going back to his desk and getting out the tedious pile of paperwork. Anything to block the memory of Lily's red hair and James' dark, together at the lake, together in the grave, together now in their son, who sits scowling before him.

"No game next weekend; it's the trip to the village for everyone. Except you, of course." And me, he mentally adds. Snape could not afford to spend money there when he was a student. Happily, those were the times he had Lily's attentions to himself...until that day.

His tea tastes like soap.

"It's a beautiful day," he repeats, bringing himself back to the present. "But I'm sure you'll find there that your father spent a lot of time inside on days like today too." He nods to the stack of detention cards.

Snape shuffles through his papers. Ginny's handwriting is nothing like Lily's. He looks over her test paper and marks three answers wrong. Lily would have gotten them correct. He remembers Lily sitting with him in Potions class and Prof. Slughorn joking with them, encouraging them in their joint assignments.

That's a memory of Ginny you will never have, he thinks with bitter satisfaction, as he marks another answer wrong.


Double Detention by Overhill [Reviews - 3]

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