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Nosey Girls by septentrion [Reviews - 0]

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Written for paya27 on LiveJournal. Thanks so much to Melusin for her fast beta.

I don’t make money out of this.

“Dumbledore has a really big nose,” the Hufflepuff girl stated.

Her companion, another Hufflepuff, giggled. “He isn’t the only one.”

Here it comes, Severus thought from his hiding place behind the Fanged Geraniums.

“You’re right. Severus Snape beats the Headmaster nose down.” She sounded very pleased with her bad pun. “It must get in the way when he kisses a girl.”

“I don’t think he’s ever kissed a girl. He’s so ugly, and his hair is so greasy....”

Scatterbrains, the both of them! He had already kissed a girl. It had been her nose that had been in the way.

Nosey Girls by septentrion [Reviews - 0]

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