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Behind Closed Doors ~ Part 2 by Ms_Figg [Reviews - 4]

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I do not own any HP characters and am making no $$$ from this fan fic.

Behind Closed Doors ~ Part 2

”You replace that Boggart immediately, Severus! You know we need it for Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Really, after all you’ve been through, you’d think you’d have more self-control!” headmistress Minerva McGonagall scolded.

Snape sullenly walked through the Forbidden Forest, a small chest tucked under his arm. His black eyes darted back and forth, then the forest went silent. A familiar form appeared in a scattered patch of moonlight.

It wore a tight, severe expression and Tartan robes.

Snape didn’t hesitate for a second as he gleefully blasted the Minerva-Boggart back between the trees.

He’d catch it soon enough.

Snape stood before the cabinet, waiting, his wand at the ready. The doors flew open, then he appeared, chubby, blue-eyed, spiky-haired and limp-wristed. Baby blue robes fluttered as he sashayed towards him.

"Well, hello tall, pale and biteable!" Adam Sweetmeats exclaimed with pursed lips and a flash of fang. “Usually, I like sucking necks, but in your case, Yummikins, I’d go a bit lower—“

"What? Riddikulus!" Snape cried, blasting the Boggart back into the cabinet and shuddering horribly.

"I don't know who or what the hell that was, but I don’t want to find out," Snape hissed, still shuddering.

Snape stood before the cabinet. The doors flew open, then she appeared, bony, bug-eyed, topless and wearing a green thong. Her breasts were just nipples.

"Severus! Our love is written in the sta—“ Sybill Trelawney lisped.

Horrified, Snape clamped his hand over his eyes, screamed “Riddikulus!” and fired in the Boggart’s general direction, sending it flying back into the cabinet with a crash.

Snape removed his hand, blinking rapidly.

”My eyes!” he hissed, groping his way from the room.

* * *

”Temporary blindness caused by trauma, Severus,” Poppy informed him. “Whatever did you see?”

”I’d rather not say,” Snape replied, shuddering.

Several Boggarts had gathered together in the Forbidden Forest to discuss what happened to the one that had been captured by Snape and how to avoid being captured themselves. They were impatiently waiting for the last of them to show up.

“That wizard tortured him, just kept blasting him. Didn’t give him a chance,” one Boggart complained. “That wasn’t sporting at all.”

Suddenly, Snape stepped from between the trees. Terrified, the Boggarts all zipped away.

“Oi, mates! Come back! It’s just me,” Snape called, turning back into a Boggart.

”Do you think that’s bloody funny, you sod?” the others hissed.

Snape stood before the cabinet, waiting. The doors flew open, then she appeared, bushy-haired, brown-eyed and dressed in her school robes. She had a rolled up parchment in her hand.

”I finished my extra credit assignment, Professor,” Hermione Granger said, letting it unroll. It had to be at least ten feet long.

Snape blinked, then flicked his wand at her.

”Riddikulus!” he hissed.

Nothing happened.

”I’m not a Boggart! I couldn’t catch up to you and heard some teachers say you’ve been coming here a lot. So I waited for you.”

Snape sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

A/N: Just a few more fun drabbles for this topic. Adam Sweetmeats is a recurring OC in some of my stories. He's a Queen vampire with a thing for Snape. lol. He never gets him, although his flirting is terrible. :) Also, I thought a Boggart scaring Boggarts would be funny. Thanks for reading.

Behind Closed Doors ~ Part 2 by Ms_Figg [Reviews - 4]

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