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Symmetry by septentrion [Reviews - 3]

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Thanks to Melusin for the beta.

I make no money out of this.


Severus pinched himself but no, nothing had changed. In fact, everything had changed but in the end, it changed nothing for him.

“I need a spy at Hogwarts,” said the Dark Lord through his long white beard.

“Yes, Master,” answered Severus.

It was weird to call him ‘Master’, the old, blue-eyed wizard.

Later he found it equally weird to be interviewed for a teaching job by a bald, red-eyed headmaster.

Even if Severus had sometimes imagined a world in which the Dark Lord and Dumbledore had traded places, he wasn’t prepared for this at all; he could see no difference.

Symmetry by septentrion [Reviews - 3]

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