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Drabbles & Poetry

Measure of a Man by juniperus [Reviews - 2]

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To be seen for his mind, or
Heart; No compromise

Strongest intellect
Does not light a fire
Capable of warmth

Pride, Envy, and Wrath
Have voices louder than Hope
There is no escape

All he had is gone
There is nothing, save penance
In cold, damp dungeons

He recalls: copper
Glints in the sun as she swings
He's rapt, as she flies

His anger and shame
Cruelly laid bare, words unmeant
And un-forgiven

Imprisoned by green
The eyes that spy him, weigh him
Judge, jury; Always

Limbs splayed akimbo
Shed blood, façade, memories
Measure of a man

Measure of a Man by juniperus [Reviews - 2]

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