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Reflections by lyn_f [Reviews - 0]

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I don't own them. It's all JK Rowling's. I'm just borrowing them for the moment.

I am completely alone.

I have just killed the man who could have been my salvation at his request. Those who I may have called friends now see me as the enemy. I still have my role to play in this war, but my job is so much harder now because no one trusts me. I walk a fine line spying on the Dark whilst pretending to spy on the Light. Lives are lost every day, and I can do nothing to prevent it.

I don't expect to survive this war. I may die alone, but hopefully not in vain.

A/N: Prompt issued by geminiscorp: Write what this Severus is thinking: http://patilda.deviantart.com/art/Severus-bonus-121934449. Without the disclaimer and A/N, this story contains exactly 100 words according to Microsoft Word. Thanks go to christev and ladyinthecloak for the beta-reading.

Reflections by lyn_f [Reviews - 0]

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