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Drabbles & Poetry

Because I Love Her by Potion Professor [Reviews - 0]

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Only she is my sight,
Only her voice is my melody,
For me, everything only means 'she';
In my heart, the devotion that no one can see.

Does love just mean love or love just mean hurt?
Am I that insane and dense or what?
Because why am I not afraid to give up anything?
She has the power to break my pride-wing.

I can wait around forever even though she won't turn back.
I don't want to think that she can get my heart sack;
'Cause I made a bet by putting everything in one;
I knew I'm going to lose, but don't want to believe until it's done.

Loving her only means breaking my heart,
But why can't I just stand back and let her go?
I didn't regret it at first and I will never so;
'Cause I can smile though I'm hurt if she's happy.

She made me hurt by stabbing with the knife
Of hate, which is the worst thing, to make me cry.
But love can be very strange sometimes,
Because for her, there's nothing I can deny.

My dear, I'm hopelessly devoted to you; can't you see?
I'll love you forever; I'll love you for always;
In my heart, you'll be.

Because I Love Her by Potion Professor [Reviews - 0]

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