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Severus Snape and the Chocolate Frog Cards by morgaine_dulac [Reviews - 20]

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my lesson. And now, hand over that frog.’

Ron reluctantly put the half-eaten frog back into the box and put it into Snape’s outstretched hand.

‘All of them,’ Snape snarled.

Bloody hell! How could the greasy git know that he had three more boxes hidden under his workbench, Ron wondered.

Snape unceremoniously stuffed the Chocolate Frogs into his top drawer and banged it shut. ‘Class dismissed,’ he shouted.

When the last student had fled the dungeon, Snape warded the door and returned to his desk, kicked back in his chair and pulled open the top drawer once more.

How dare Weasley flaunt his favourite sweet under his very nose without sharing, Snape wondered.

He bit off the head of the first frog and let it melt in his mouth. It tasted deliciously not-too-sweet and delightfully creamy.

Might just as well have a look at the card, he thought, and pulled it out of the box. He regretted his decision the moment Albus Dumbledore walked into the frame with his ever-so-twinkling blue eyes.

‘You cannot even let me enjoy a Chocolate Frog in peace, can you, old man?’ Snape snapped and flung the card back into the drawer.

The second frog tasted even better than the first, but the picture of the wizard on the card made Snape grimace.

‘Tom Riddle? You have got to be kidding me!’ he exclaimed. ‘How the hell did Tom Riddle deserve his own Chocolate Frog card?’

But then again, that nuisance had almost managed to take over the whole Wizarding world. Surely, some brownnose had been hoping for special treatment and hence put his ugly visage on a Chocolate Frog card.

Then a cruel grin appeared on Snape’s face, a grin that he normally deserved for students who had to chop Flobberworms in detention. He picked up one of the empty boxes and put Tom Riddle’s card back inside. Then he took Albus Dumbledore’s card and put it in there as well, upside-down so the two wizards would have to face each other.

‘Enjoy your evening, gentlemen,’ he whispered as he closed the box and put it back into the drawer.

Now, on to the third frog. This one was made of dark chocolate, bitter-sweet with a hint of chilli. Snape allowed himself to moan softly at the delicious taste.

He was just considering pouring himself a glass of Ogden’s when the urge overcame him to check out which handsome witch or wizard had been sharing a box with such a delicious frog. To his surprise, he looked at his own face when he turned over the card.

‘Oh, for heaven’s sake,’ he groaned. He found it bad enough to look at his face every morning in the bathroom mirror. And now this!

But considering the picture closer, he had to admit that the painter hadn’t done such a bad job. His eyes were glittering mysteriously, and his hair was framing his face like curtains of black silk. Quite a dashing fellow, really.

Then it hit him. Hadn’t he somewhere … yes, he was sure he had …

He started rummaging through his drawers until he found the Chocolate Frog card he had been looking for: Elara L’Egg, Miss January in last year’s Witches in Bikinis calendar.

With a smirk, Snape picked up Elara’s card and his own and put them back into the empty box, facing each other. He closed the box carefully and put it back into the drawer.

When the little box started to rock rhythmically, Snape went to his liquor cabinet and poured himself a healthy measure of Ogden’s, a pleased smile on his lips. At least, his Chocolate Frog card was getting lucky tonight.

Yep, I have a serious case of Beingsillytis. Hope this made you grin at least. Please, review.

Severus Snape and the Chocolate Frog Cards by morgaine_dulac [Reviews - 20]

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