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Love at Last Scowl by Potion Professor [Reviews - 2]

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Scowling and sneering, my true nature, anger is my tone.
Love, what is that, I have never heard a word more silly;
I might have said that before my whole world went all crazy.

Yesterday I met a girl, first she seems so annoying;
Childish, a bit lunatic, yet she had quite much daring.
A friend presented her to me but I ne'er let her near.
I'm not a people-person and talking is the worst I feared.

While no one dared disturb my solitude, she came beside.
She even tried to make me laugh, which I usually hide.
What kind of girl is this, I thought, with wit I've never seen.
She did seem like she knew me though only minutes it'd been.

My sarcastic words all failed and in front of her they knelt.
Being spleen while she's sweet, inside a burn I've never felt.
Frowning outside but in truth, into her deep eyes I fell.
I watched her talk, but dared I ever come out of my shell?

What happened there, it's not like me, I thought myself with shame,
Glaring her, I said in silence, I'm not good at these games.
Before, beauty and warmth were things that I not at all starved.
Well, I still had strength for my last scowl, oh God, I'm in love!

*Shiva= God of destruction

Love at Last Scowl by Potion Professor [Reviews - 2]

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