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An Idle Conversation by testingt [Reviews - 1]

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At Minerva’s uncomprehending glare, Severus raised his brows. “Surely you knew that Potter had threatened them with his godfather to secure better treatment? Quite Slytherin, really.”

“Better treatment?” Minerva frowned.

“I made sure you kept sending him back unprotected to those Muggles out of some Gryffindor notion of adversity building character. You mean you simply hadn’t noticed?”

Minerva faltered, “Noticed what?”

Severus seemed to dwell on an agreeable inner vision. “Potter’s… condition… whenever he returns from his relatives’ care.”

Minerva, white, snatched the Floo powder. “Twelve Grimmauld Place!”

An Idle Conversation by testingt [Reviews - 1]

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