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Best Friends Forever by Alison [Reviews - 1]

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Best Friends Forever
By Alison Venugoban

He’d carved it into the tree on their first Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts: “SS/ LE BFF”.

She’d giggled and blushed and said it was cute. She’d been the one who’d encircled the message with a heart. Then it was his turn to blush and squirm and yes, smile shyly.

It had become their custom to deepen the message every year on Valentine’s Day. Until their fifth year. Her growing coldness had frozen him more than the winter weather could ever do. He’d hurry past “their” tree on the edge of the Forbidden Forest, feeling like a fool for ever putting that message on its trunk.

It was beginning to be overgrown with moss and lichens when he saw it in his last year at Hogwarts. He stared at it, but after all, it was Valentine’s Day. And she was now going out with Potter, and hadn't spoken to him since fifth year.

He cast Sectumsempra and slashed the message until it was no longer readable.

The End
Author’s note: If you’re wondering what the message BFF stands for, please read the title!

Best Friends Forever by Alison [Reviews - 1]

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