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In the Nick of Time by beaweasley2 [Reviews - 0]

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Thank you to era1960 for the beta read. It was sweet of you to take a timeout to read this for me. I did promise I’d let you finish your homework!

This was my attempt at the Free of All Commas Challenge from Sunny33 and Ladyinthecloak. It's from Heastia's POV, but you know who the hero is, don't you?


It was happening so fast. A scream rent the air as the sound of wandfire hit the front of the house. There were frightened voices from the other room where the boy’s parents were. Shouts could be heard outside from the wizards who were trying to get in. There was another loud crack of a curse against the house. It was followed by the demands to open the door.

Hestia held her breath. The toddler in her arms struggled to get free. She held on to him tightly and prayed that they would all get out in time. There was another crash from behind the house. She couldn’t tell how many had come. She would’ve guessed only three until she’d heard the sounds at the back door.

Hestia cradled the toddler in her arms as she ducked behind the counter in the kitchen. Emmeline was in the other room with the parents. They had been separated when the cracks of Apparation signaled that they were arriving. The Death Eaters. A burst of light hit the door. The wards that the Ministry had set on the house wouldn’t hold much longer. The woman in the other room screamed. The loud crack of glass being blasted told her they’d broken a window in the lounge.

She had only a few more seconds before they would be caught. She hoped that Emmeline would get the parents out all right. “Let’s get you to safety.” Her whisper was answered by the toddler’s whimpering. "Mummy and Daddy will be fine. Don't worry."

She stood and Apparated with the toddler. The room they arrived in was poorly lit from the street light outside. That didn’t matter since this was only a layover before the family was moved to a safe house.

The little boy started to cry. “Hush. It’s going to be okay.” Her reassuring words did little to dispel the boy’s crying. “Your Mummy will be here shortly.” She hoped so. She had no idea if Emmeline had made it out with the parents. She gave the boy the small box of juice that she’d put the Clamming Draught in. The toddler took it and started sucking on the straw.

“Were you successful?”

She turned to face the man in black robes. He removed the skull mask and turned to survey the room.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she realized who he was. “Yes. I think so. I have the boy. Is Emmeline back yet?”

He shook his head. “No.”

The sound of a loud crack broke the silence. Severus swiftly drew his wand and moved to protect Hestia and the boy.

“It’s only me.” The form separated into three adults. The mother rushed away from Emmeline to get to her child.

Hestia touched Severus' arm. “Thank you. Your warning gave us just enough time.”

Severus nodded. “I have to go.”

“Be safe.”

He was gone before anyone else could thank him.


Author’s Notes: I thought I’d give a go at the “Comma-less Challenge. It’s just a simple story. I hope you like it. Sorry. I didn’t know about the sex thing until after I’d written this. Oh well.

In the Nick of Time by beaweasley2 [Reviews - 0]

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