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Seasons of Reasons by sevvy [Reviews - 4]

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And the days get shorter,
We know we shouldn’t;
We’re sure we didn’t oughta...

But our fingers stray
And hit this site all the same -
Finding our favourite Potions master
Is our one and only aim.

Move over Sheriff of Nottingham,
Hans Gruber, Jamie and Alex Hughes.
Forget Colonel Brandon and Metatron,
It’s Severus Snape we always choose!

For although JKR wrote the book
And thus decided on his fate,
We know otherwise
And keep our stories up-to-date...

Of his current escapades -
His adventures far and wide;
Either in total solitude
Or with love-interest by his side.

Our shining, dark and tragic hero
Never lived to tell his tale;
Instead he relied on the memories
Passed on inside that vial.

The snake that finally got him
With that fatal final bite
Bit off more than it could chew
But meant poor Sev gave up the fight.

Now he simply never fails;
He keeps us on our toes.
So just why did she kill him off?
It’s only Jo alone who knows.

But at least it gives us chance here
To express our fantasies
And put in printed copy
Why we tremble at the knees...

Each time we see our Prince
Appear upon the page -
Sometimes passionate and loving
But, more often, in a rage.

His dark and brooding nature;
The mysterious man in black
Seem out of a Gothic novel
But ensure we’ll keep coming back.

He captivates our hearts -
So charming and enthralling.
He appears so hard and uncaring
But just who does he think he’s fooling?!

We love everything about him;
From the dark to light beyond.
And we’ve heard he performs magic
With his legendary wand!

He definitely hits the spot
For us ladies one and all;
Through springtime and the summer
And right until the fall.

When end of year approaches
And it’s time for mistletoe
We’ll be stretching for a ‘virtual’ kiss
(He’s six feet two, you know!)

'Cos this time of year is special
With it’s tinsel and it’s cheer.
So, merry Christmas everyone -
Here’s to another S-E-V-E-R-U-S New Year!

A/N: Just a little bit of seasonal silliness which should have been submitted at least a couple of weeks ago but, due to a bout of the most horrendous ‘flu imaginable (which I’m still trying to recover from), has been somewhat delayed. However, better late than never, I guess! I hope this will help to cheer everyone up, as there seems to be a lot of doom and gloom around at the moment (not to mention 'flu!) See what happens when I’m battling illness and get bored!

With special thanks to all the ladies who work so hard to keep this site up and running and allow us all the privilege of both being able to get our own creative works into print and seeing the talents of others. We really do appreciate all that you do, all year round.

Seasons of Reasons by sevvy [Reviews - 4]

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