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Two Sides (The Spy Who Loves Me) by sevvy [Reviews - 11]

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Who are you,
my dark and mysterious lover?
All I know is you're extra special,
quite simply, like no other.

Your hard candy shell
appears brittle and tight
and evokes in your students
both subordination and fright.

But this never reveals
your true soft inner core;
the one only I know
as I learn more and more.

No one could guess
all that compassion inside,
as the truth from the world
you continue to hide.

You tread a fine line
in the double life that you lead;
never quite sure on whose side
for mercy you'll plead.

It's a dangerous game,
few would dare choose
yet you continue to do it,
knowing you could lose.

If those who doubt you
knew just half of what you give
they'd hang their heads in shame,
discovering your actions help them live.

But I've learnt who you are, my love;
I know all that you do.
You chose me, despite the risk
and, darling, I chose you.

We both know that
the thin ice that we skate
could both shatter and crack
from the sweet love that we make.

But without each other
we now couldn't survive;
In each other's arms
we feel so alive.

So no one must know
of our secretive trysts
or get to discover
the very private bits....

of the nights of passion
we continue to share
when the world that we live in
becomes too much to bear.

I watch you so often
and wish I could yell
to take us away from this
pure living hell.

For it's hard when you love
so very much,
not to be able
to outwardly touch

or say to others -
"Look, this man is good,
he's given up things
very few others would!"

But I can't say those things
and it hurts deep inside
to not tell the world
of my love and my pride

for this remarkable man
so shuttered and worn,
who appears so indifferent
but inside is so torn

I'll love you forever -
beyond the end of time.
There's no doubt in my heart
that I'm yours and you're mine.

Not revealing our love
is a small price to pay
for the joy that we share
at the end of each day.

While others may ponder,
the truth cannot escape
as only I know your secret
and I love you so much, Severus Snape.

Two Sides (The Spy Who Loves Me) by sevvy [Reviews - 11]

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