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Anything But This by morgaine_dulac [Reviews - 12]

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‘I will not do this, headmaster.’

‘I’m afraid you have no choice, Severus. There is no one else who can do it. Slytherin House depends upon you.’

Severus scowled.

He had done many despicable things in his life. He had spied, tortured, killed. But this! The mere thought of it made his stomach clench.

But Dumbledore was right. There was no other man for this task.

So Severus said his prayers and left for the dungeons.

He had a dancing class to teach.

A/N: If Ron enjoyed putting his hand on McGonagall’s waist, imagine how Pansy will feel when dancing with the Potions master.

Anything But This by morgaine_dulac [Reviews - 12]

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