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A Marriage and A Mourner by potterverse [Reviews - 5]

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And dreams they die.
And I’ve thrown out the pictures I had of you and I.
And if you’re ever wondering if love can be true,
Well think of me and remember, darling like I, like I do.”

I Do by Jude

They were married in a small cathedral. Nothing ostentatious but a cathedral nonetheless. Equipped with all its holy accessories: an aisle leading to an ornate altar, confessional boxes, and dark, cool alcoves on either side as one entered the church. That is where the tall, black figure lurked behind a holy water basin.

Severus stood there mentally whipping himself like an Opus Dei monk for past sins he had committed. He had promised himself he wouldn’t come. He had decided that even he was not that much of a masochist, but he had given up the fight at the last minute and made his solemn pilgrimage to the church.

It was the Catholic church of Lily’s childhood. She went every Sunday with her family. She had even invited Severus and he came on one occasion. But because he did not grow up with faith and having no understanding of Catholic customs he was overwhelmed. With the kneeling, the standing, the chanting, he felt as out of place as being in a foreign country. He never went again.

Suddenly he was jolted into the present as the organs blared the wedding march. He mentally bolted for the door, but physically remained frozen like a statue. He did not want to see her, but he felt compelled to stay just the same.

There she was in all her beautiful, white glory. Smiling nervously at her father, who led her into the church. As they made their way down the aisle, Severus felt his dreams and tears flow in the wake of the train of her wedding dress. It was done. It was over. She was gone.

He could not bear to watch the actual event. He stood silently where he was and listened. But he could not watch in fear that he might actually run to the altar and profess he undying love, either that or end up killing James Potter. He waited until everyone filtered out of the church. The guests' faces full of joy and hope and sentimental love.

Once all the people were gone, Severus made his way up to the altar and kneeled, lighting one of the little red candles that were off to one side. He had asked Lily what the candles were for, and she said they were for prayers and remembrances. He lit one and prayed. He made the only wish he could think of to end all of this turmoil. He asked a God, that he knew nothing about, to strike James Potter down dead. Slowly, he stood up and left the burning symbol of his hatred as his offering.

A Marriage and A Mourner by potterverse [Reviews - 5]

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