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Stupefied by potterverse [Reviews - 6]


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He pointed his wand at her and unfroze her. He expected her to be dazed and or embarrassed, but she simply stood up soundly and stated, “Thank you, Professor Snape, for your help. I suppose I should be heading back to my common room now.”

“Just a moment, Miss Lovegood. What on earth happened? Can you identify the person who attacked you in such a manner?” His questions were more like demands, as he tried to conceal his genuine concern.

“No, I don’t seem to recall who it was, Professor,” she stated, almost flippantly.

“Surely, you can remember the house this assailant is affiliated with?”

“Sorry, I’m drawing a blank,” she replied, with a soft smile.

“Allow me to walk you back to your proper place then, it is rather late,” he commented.

“I would appreciate the company,” she agreed.

With his wand held out in front of the pair, Severus led Luna back to the Ravenclaw portrait.

When they reached the destination the portrait asked, “What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?’

To which Luna asked, “What do you mean? An African or European swallow?”

The portrait then replied, “I don’t know, but you may proceed,” and swung itself open.

Luna was about to go in, but paused for a moment. She turned and lightly placed her hand on Snape’s arm.

“You are truly a gentleman, Professor, just like my mother always said you were.”

And with that she popped through the portrait hole, like Alice chasing after the White Rabbit.

Now it was Severus’ turn to look stunned and frozen to the spot. He had not thought of Sol Lovegood for a very long time. And he was truly amazed that she would have told Luna about her knowing Snape.

Severus sighed, and thought to himself, ‘How many children of ghosts will I have to see walk through these halls?’

Stupefied by potterverse [Reviews - 6]


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