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Folie à Deux by bluestocking79 [Reviews - 4]

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Neither Severus Snape nor Luna Lovegood belong to me. They're the property of J.K. Rowling. I'm just having a bit of fun with her characters, and I mean no harm.

Notes: The term “folie à deux” refers to “the madness of two,” or a delusion shared by two people.

“Severus, look at the snow!”

He joined Luna in the doorway, robes clutched tightly against the biting wind and blowing snow. “Eagerly anticipating pneumonia, are you?”

“But just look, Severus!”

Severus peered out; unbroken whiteness surrounded the cottage. “Snow. Cold. Delightful. Can we go in yet, or are we waiting for the onset of frostbite?”

“It’s so beautiful!” Luna smiled, clapping her hands with guileless excitement. “Quite magical. Don’t you just want to play in it?”

He sneered in sensible disapproval.

“Well, if you won’t…”

With that, Luna dashed into the drifts. Under a moonlit veil of snow, she danced.

Luna twirled in the sparkling snow, her pale hair glowing and her silvery laughter floating on the breeze like the tinkling of bells. She was ethereal, radiant—some snowy spirit in swirling robes.

He had never played in snow.

It was immature. It was undignified. It was…

Enchanting. Beguiling. Bewitching.

It was joyful, Severus realized. Luna’s delight was undeniable, sweet—the joy of life’s small miracles. He wanted to touch it, to shine with her joy.

He hesitated. He would get wet. He might catch cold. Worse, he might look ridiculous.

“Severus, come on!”

Casting dignity aside, Severus joined in her dance.

Folie à Deux by bluestocking79 [Reviews - 4]

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