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Something Brewing by Leni Jess [Reviews - 0]

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Something Brewing

by Leni Jess

"What do you think you're brewing, Potter?"

The young man, still in his professional robes, went right on stirring in a careful figure-of-eight, but he turned his head and smiled. "And hello to you too, Snape."

So he thought he would be difficult? Snape sniffed, and again detected nothing. There were no clues on the workbench; Potter must have tidied his preparations away earlier.

"Have you learned to boil water?"

Potter was certainly brewing mischief. He sometimes worked with Snape, and when he was here even made the simpler potions for Poppy, nowadays, allowing Snape to concentrate on his current experiments, but he had never bothered removing all odours from the room before. Snape thought using an Insensibility Charm in a potions workroom was potentially dangerous, and would speak his mind on it later, but first…

"Why were you in such a hurry to get it done that you didn't drop your uniform on the floor as usual?"

That was a libel; Potter was astonishingly civilised these days.

Potter set the stirring rod in its cradle and turned off the flame. He slipped out of his playing clothes, tossing the robes accurately at the coathook, then stripping off boots, tunic and breeches. Snape stood there, taking the opportunity to admire the smooth pale skin catching the torchlight, the long muscles of thighs and arms flexing, and licked his lips as an already interested cock made its appearance. He crossed his arms over his chest; it would never do to reach out.

"You should check it out."

Indeed. That would serve as an invitation. Snape slid to his knees before the young man and seized that reddened prick, sucking the head into his mouth, revelling in the shudder he evoked.

Quite some time later he turned his head to look over his shoulder at Potter, still buried deep inside him.

"Was there something else I was supposed to taste?"

Much later again they shared the Christmas punch before the fire.

~~ ~~ ~~

End note A Christmas 2004 ficlet for Gaycrow, who said, "If you feel like writing about Severus and Harry ... with a first line something like this ... "What do you think you're brewing, Potter?" ... I'd love to read it".

Something Brewing by Leni Jess [Reviews - 0]

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