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Drabbles & Poetry

Masked Intentions by southern_witch_69 [Reviews - 2]

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Disclaimer: JKR’s world is fun to play in. Yay.

Here are three 100-word drabbles that form a small story.

“Look at zat,” Fleur said, pointing at the two robed, masked men walking towards them. Apparently, they were escorting a child about Diagon Alley for the annual treat handout. “Dressed as Death Eaters for ‘alloween!” Her voice was laced with distaste. She tensed and watched the passing trio warily. Her hands were shaking, though she tried not to show it.

“Real ones take any chance to kill an Order member,” Bill said reassuringly.

Stupefy!” said a quiet voice from behind.

The last thing Fleur saw was the unmasked face of Severus Snape before a jet of red light hit her.

------------------------ -----------------------------

Fleur blinked rapidly, trying to take in her surroundings. What had happened? Where was she? And what was that horrible smell? Turning her head to her left, she saw another person spread out, nonmoving. From the stench his body was emitting, she was certain he was dead.

Oh! Mon Dieu!

“Bill?” she said hoarsely, able to sit up.

A door opened and Snape entered. “Ah, Mrs. Weasley, you’re awake.”

“My ‘usband, where is ‘ee?

He flashed her a smile, showing yellowed and crooked teeth. “He’s a little tied up at the moment.”

“Put your mask back on! You disgust me!”

---------------------- --------------------------

Much later, Fleur was roughly awoken and pulled to her feet by a masked Death Eater.

“Leave me be! ‘Ow dare you!” she said, trying to claw at the horrible mask.

“Shhh… keep quiet.”

“Bill,” she whispered in relief, “why are you dressed zis way?”

“No time.”

After he silently led her to a large tapestry and pulled her behind it into a small corridor, he kissed her soundly, saying, “Snape, he’s on our side! Helped me escape. Come!”

“Ze mask, I thought eet ‘id an ugly face and ‘eart, but eet ees concealing ze true intentions instead. Clever man.”

SW’s Notes: I only intended the first 100 words to be posted to Snape100, but I ended up missing the deadline for the challenge. So, instead, I’ve added two extra 100 worders to it in hopes it can stand alone as a quick snapshot. Nothing special. I just hated to toss it out.

Masked Intentions by southern_witch_69 [Reviews - 2]

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