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Old Men by smoke [Reviews - 7]

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~~Old Men~~

"Bloody winter. Bloody wind. Bloody snow. Bloody cold."

Thus ran the litany of complaints as Snape pushed the kitchen door closed against the wind and stamped the snow from his boots. He took them off and put them by the stove, shoving in another stick of wood and stirring the fire to a lively roar. The kettle, he moved to the center of the range. After hanging up his cloak, he started unpacking the two sacks of groceries he'd placed on the scrubbed, wooden surface of the plain table. A pair of arms slipped around him from behind.

"Leave that stuff and come to bed. I'll warm you." Lupin's nose snuggled under the long, gray hair and nuzzled Snape's neck.

Snape snorted and continued to empty the bags, sending things to their proper places with a flick of his wand. "What's the point? I've had my erection for the month."

Lupin chuckled. "And since when do you not like to feel my mouth on your cock whether you get off or not?"

"It's the middle of the afternoon." Snape's voice softened as he relaxed in Lupin's arms.

"Mmm." Lupin nipped his ear.

"You never did have any sense of propriety."

"Neither did you, when we were younger." He pressed against Snape. "You know, just because you can't get it up...."

Snape leaned back against his lover and closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of warm, strong hands stroking his chest and belly.

"Lupin, bodies as old as ours should not be naked in the light of day." He sighed as a hand worked its way under his shirt and warmed his skin.

"We can close our eyes." Lupin was tugging gently at Snape's clothing. "Are you saying you don't want to be touched?"

Snape's hands came up to cover Lupin's. "No." He turned and brushed a lock of silver hair away, then cradled the lined face in hands twisted with arthritis. "I just...." He gulped. "I do have that article to finish for Potions Monthly."

"When is it due?" Lupin turned his head and nuzzled the palm of Snape's hand.

Snape was silent for a moment, watching Lupin's tongue trace the lines on his palm. "Next week." His voice was barely above a whisper.

"Plenty of time." Lupin smiled and cupped a hand around the back of Snape's neck. "How about it, old man? Will you be outrageous and come to bed with me in the middle of the afternoon? Will you let me make long, slow love to you?"

Snape leaned his forehead against Lupin's. "And nap afterwards?" His deep chuckle stirred the hair by Lupin's ear.

"Will you hold me?" Lupin's lips brushed lightly over his lover's.

Snape took a long breath and let it out slowly. "Forever."


Old Men by smoke [Reviews - 7]

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