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Written on the Side of the White Tomb by an Anonymous Hand by Stellar Hawk [Reviews - 3]

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Written on the Side of the White Tomb By an Anonymous Hand

Here lies Albus Dumbledore, slain before his time
Let no man forget, t'was Severus Snape who did this crime
Albus was our brother, our teacher, and our guide
Severus is a serpent steeped in hatred and in pride

Tho' Albus gave his life for good, his end was undeserved
For Albus came too soon to rest, and justice was not served
So take up sword and wand, and cast your mortal fears aside
We'll hunt the fiendish "prince", and justice will be satisfied

And when he's caught, let him be tried upon this very soil
Let Snape answer for his deed on ground himself did spoil
Let him see the tomb he made and say he meant no harm
Let him face these cold white walls, here ply his shallow charm

And when the verdict's given, let the villain here be slain
Let him die just as he killed, with no pity and no pain
Let him lie beside the tomb; let him face it as he dies
Then cover him with dirt, and let him lie in his lies

For in life the vote is cast; the killer's fate is sealed
But if Albus were to judge, maybe this doom would be repealed
So if on another plain; if forgiveness may be found…
Then let Snape seek it from the one whose mercy was renowned

Written on the Side of the White Tomb by an Anonymous Hand by Stellar Hawk [Reviews - 3]

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