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Drabbles & Poetry

Cure In Absolution by ShadowOfTheMoon [Reviews - 3]

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Locked in the prison of my mind,
I have no escape, no respite.
You all despise me for what I am
But your hatred is nothing compared to my own.

Images of sins, past and present, are etched permanently into my eyelids.
Sleep is but an entrance into a whole new level of fear and self-loathing.

Little wonder I put up this mask, this facade.
You accuse me, unjustly, of being "The Bastard" and "The Greasy Git";
I am much worse than that.

Endangering my own life constantly is not enough to atone for my transgressions.

So I will scowl. I will play the part so well-crafted. I will frighten you, hate you, punish you.

Until at last - my work complete - I can shut my door, clutching my cure, and forever take the pain away.

Cure In Absolution by ShadowOfTheMoon [Reviews - 3]

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