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Shadows by hunnybunch [Reviews - 8]

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This is dedicated to my wonderful beta, subversa. She did the corrections, so the mistakes are mine, mine, mine.

'Wait, Severus, wait!' Lily exclaimed. She flew after the black figure that just had stormed out of Slughorn's classroom. Outside, in the corridor, she just caught a glimpse of his frayed cloak vanishing around the next corner.

Her thunderous steps drowned out the Potion master's bellow at her back, 'Fifty points from Slytherin! And fifty points from Gryffindor!’ Had she heard, she would not have cared for once. Having Potter and Black constantly ridiculing Slytherins was one thing; their decision to taunt Severus in the classroom by asking if his greying pants were considered Grade-A non-tradable goods was another thing entirely – especially after last summer. She would make sure Potter served a month’s worth of detention with Professor McGonagall.

Lily stopped short to listen for the sound of Severus' feet, but heard nothing. Slowly, she walked down the corridor in what she hoped was the direction of the Slytherin common room. In her six years at Hogwarts, she had never been as deep down in the dungeons as she was now. The stone walls were roughly hewn; the flickering torches in the brackets gave of an eerie light, casting ghastly shadows here and there. The air was cold and dank. No wonder these Slytherins were so nasty. 'Who wouldn't become an oddball if they had to live down here?' Lily whispered to herself. Slowly, her eyes adjusted to the dim light.

A soft rustle and a choked sob met her ear. Squinting, she noticed a dark, scrawny figure pressed into a shadowy corner. Greasy, lank hair was obscuring his face, but she could see the glitter of a pair of black eyes looking at her. Lily drew a shaky breath and walked without haste in the direction of Severus’ hiding place.

'Come to gloat a little more, Evans?' he snarled. Lily stopped short, frightened by his offensive tone. 'Go to your precious Potter and tell him you found the Yorkshire mongrel moping around.' The hurt in every one of his syllables could not have been more pronounced.

Lily clasped a hand to her mouth. 'They didn't!' she whispered through her fingers. She had overheard Potter and Black endowing Severus with a number of derogatory names, ‘Snivellus’ being one of the more polite ones.

"Little Miss Prefect is shocked by her Gryffindors' behaviour, I see,' Severus mocked. His voice was cold and dripping with malice. She saw him shift his weight slightly, hair falling back over his shoulders as he proudly lifted his head.

'Suit yourself,' Lily hissed back at him. 'Just so that you know; I probably just lost my house a large number of points and I might be in detention for a couple of weeks, just because I cared.' With the final word, she spun around and stormed back up the corridor. She turned right at the corner and kept on walking. Another two turns and she was lost in an unfamiliar corridor. There were no more lit torches in rusty brackets. Mould covered the craggy stone walls and a murky scent offended her nose. Steps faltering, she cast nervous glances from side to side and over her shoulder.

Lily shivered. She had heard a couple of spooky stories about the odd student getting lost in the bowels of Hogwarts. Of course, prefect that she was, she had always cast such stories aside like waste-paper. People died at Quiddich, but not because they lost themselves in the castle. She turned around to walk back in the direction from which she had come, but at the first corner that met her, Lily could not remember whether she needed to turn left or right. A whimper escaped her. It was easy for a Gryffindor to be brave in a lofty tower…

She jumped at a sudden icy touch on her wrist. In one fell swoop, she had freed herself, spun around and pointed her wand with a shaking hand. 'Get off me!' she yelled, eyes shut tightly, too frightened to look her attacker in the face. Lily stood frozen to the spot, but nothing happened. Slowly, she opened one eye.

'You idiot!' she yelled, dropping her wand-arm. 'I could have killed you!'

'By quivering me to death?' said Severus in an amused tone. The corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

Lily ogled the scrawny teenager in front of her. He nearly blended in with the shadows again, but this time it was not to hide. It was more like they were a part of him. Those glittering eyes. Lily made a mental note to avoid them; they caused uncomfortable thoughts.

'Come! We need to get back to a class. Otherwise the Slug will have us scrubbing cauldrons with our bare hands for the rest of the term.' Severus moved past her, leading the way back to their classroom, but Lily remained immobile. 'What?' Severus asked, looking at her over his shoulder. He rubbed his pale right hand across his face, 'Have I got dirt on my nose?' In a few seconds he had gone from cheeky, straight past snarky to insecure – but that was not what amazed her.

'You called him …' Lily was looking into Severus’ face. 'Slug,' she added, leaning up to whisper in his ear. She shuddered. What if her teacher caught her calling him names? Surely, she was in enough trouble already without needing to add any more fuel to the fire. She pulled back from his ear, suddenly conscious of how close she stood to him; still, she felt drawn, caught and held by those intense black eyes. She stopped with her face mere inches away from his.

Lily’s breath hitched in her throat as she took in his features – the pale skin, hooked nose, thin mouth; how his black brows ached over those dangerously glittering eyes. Despite his youth, a soft crease showed at the bridge of his nose. She felt his hand snaking to the small off her back, the slender hand she had so often watched slicing potions ingredients with unsurpassed precision.

He bent closer. Lily felt his nose grazing the soft skin of her cheek. Starting right behind her belly-button, a tingle spread through her body. She drew back once again, noticing the crease between Severus' brows becoming more pronounced. A greasy strand of hair fell across his forehead as he retreated, removing his hand from her waist.

Not quite knowing how, she suddenly hurled herself at the boy, brushing the offending hair away and holding his face tightly between her hands. Her eyes locked with his before she pressed a smouldering kiss to his thin mouth. A tiny surprised squeak escaped her as she felt his tongue parting her captured lips. So that was what it was like! She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned into Severus' thin body.

A few breathless moments later, Lily's surroundings and the memory of how she had ended up in this corridor, vigorously snogging Severus Snape, forced entry into her conscious mind. Between two breaths and a nibble at his bottom lip, she gasped, 'Need … get back…'

Severus cradled her head between his hands, his slightly flushed face just an inch before her own. The boy did have blood in his body, she noticed happily. A smile spread across her swollen lips, as she saw the satisfaction in his eyes… How she needed to avoid his impassioned eyes if they were ever to make it back to their Potions class.

'I will show you,' he whispered before placing a final chaste kiss on the corner of her mouth. Lily allowed him to take her by the hand and lead the way. As soon as the first torches on the walls reappeared, he let go. At the next turn, they found themselves in front of the door to their classroom. Severus cast her one more glance, before his face re-acquired the masque-like features he presented to the world. Saddened, Lily dropped her gaze to the floor at the very moment he opened the door.

'Are you not coming, Evans?' he huffed from inside the room. She looked up and saw how Potter surged out of his chair, restrained only by the hands of Remus Lupin.

'Hold your tongue, Snape,' the bespectacled boy snarled as he was wrenched back into his seat by his friend.

Severus shot the Gryffindor Chaser one of his nasty looks, before he opened his mouth. 'The Gryffindor Prefects should be equipped with a map of Hogwarts. I found her far beyond the corridor to the Slytherin common-room, Professor Slughorn.'

Lily looked up in surprise and caught a glimpse of the glitter of his eyes and the slightly up-turned corner of his mouth, before he turned his back to her and took his seat.

For the merest fraction of a second, Severus had paused on the final two syllables.

A/N: This is my first Snily. I only wrote this little one-shot, because subversa kept asking me for a happy Severus-Lily -- and my other story over on Ashwinder is far from being happy.

Please, be so kind to let me know what you think of this. I'd even beg to get reviews. Please? So, there you go.

Shadows by hunnybunch [Reviews - 8]

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