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My Kingdom of Shadows by Antares [Reviews - 1]

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No ray of love or warmth
Pierces the gloom
Nor do I want it to

For thirty odd years,
I have lived in the darkness
Here in My Kingdom of Shadows
This is my home
This is where I belong
I relish in the protection it provides
And fear all that it conceals from me
For it is my greatest enemy
And my only friend
I love the darkness
Hate it

I dread
And long
For the light I shall never see
No golden haze shall greet these eyes
And no sweet kiss of sunlight's caress will warm this pallid skin
For I am one of the damned

And yet
I am in my element
I thrive here
I prosper
And in the darkness
I am never alone
The shadows are my subjects
Loyal to the end
They never die
Only fade away
Into the eternal darkness
That is my kingdom

My Kingdom of Shadows by Antares [Reviews - 1]

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