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The Color of Suffer by Nyxx [Reviews - 6]

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The Color of Suffer

Accentuates my mourning.
Darkness permeates the Void-
That pierces deep my lonesome soul,
and slithers, rampant, through my blood.

So harsh, abrasive
to placate veiled ire-
Smoldering for Iím denied
the deepest of my desire.

To admit my love,
for I fear youíll blatantly reject
these feelings that I harbor,
the sneering image I project.

Such as this, is weakness-
Cleaving deep my leaden heart.
To leave it unrequited
is to crack my soul apart.

I stay quiet in this Darkness,
I mourn- to punctuate my pain.
Saturates my every pore
and flows bitter in my veins.

Author Notes: This poem was originally written about Severus and Hermione. It was recommended to me by an Ashwinder Admin that I submit it to Occlumency since a relationship between Severus and Hermoine is not clear. That is the tragedy of the poem. The reason a relationship is not clear is because it never has, nor will ever, exist. Black, the color of suffering, is used to express his perpetual state of mourning. I'd love feedback on this, if only to aid my poetic form. If you'd like to read something other than a poem I have actual fiction on Ashwinder!

The Color of Suffer by Nyxx [Reviews - 6]

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