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Drabbles & Poetry

"To Compel" & "The Colors of My House" by CallaHaruka [Reviews - 6]

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“To Compel”

What power is there in the world?
Not all bombast, blatant, and show.
Eloquent logic in a lucid stare,
A fixed mood—disquieted.
Powerful subtleties.
An intense timbre in the
Music of the Spheres:
a voice resonating in the stars,
in the black velvet fabric of nothing.

The merest whisper
can be stronger than the loudest shout.
One strains to hear every syllable.
Not one is lost.
The faintest narrowing of the eyes
may convey more than that whisper
ever could—
harder to hear,
yet undoubtedly spoken.
How hard are you listening?
What does your professor tell you with words?
What more does your professor tell you with silence?

“The Colors of My House”

Green. Vert. Verde. Verdi.
Sickness. Inexperience. Lust. Envy.
Silver. Argent. Plata. Argento.
Aging. Greed. Indifference. Sorrow.
Such colors for my House.

Silver was his beard.
Green was the color that killed him.

Green. Vert. Verde. Verdi.
New. Fresh. Flourishing. Thriving.
Silver. Argent. Plata. Argento.
Quickness. Intelligence. Dignity. Hope.
Such colors for my House.

Silver is the color of that damnable cloud lining
I’m going blind trying to find.
Green is the color of spring
and the renewal I hope I will live to see.

A/N: I tweaked "To Compel," well...I added that whole second stanza. Please tell me if it's improved, or if it was better as a one-stanza-wonder. Thanks!

"To Compel" & "The Colors of My House" by CallaHaruka [Reviews - 6]

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