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Fifteen Minutes by Melvacaea [Reviews - 7]

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Fifteen Minutes

"I don't need your pity."

The woman held her head in her hands as the man dressed in black stood stock-still in front of the fireplace, hands behind his back, a shadow against flame. She mussed her brown hair in annoyance and glared at his back. He didn't move, didn't say anything. His hands, stained from potions making, were twirling his wand. She stiffened, got up off the couch, and moved to stand next to him.

"Severus, I don't pity you. I want to help you."

"I came to tell you that you wouldn't see me again. Let's leave it at that."

"Well then, why haven't you gone yet?" she asked furiously.

He looked over at her and she was stunned by the lack of emotion in his face, in his eyes. His eyes, normally so full of something dark and forbidding, now lacked everything. They were meaningless voids of emptiness. His lips were drawn back tightly, his skin sallower than normal, his hair even greasier than usual, and he seemed to be trembling. He was worried. He was angry.

"Because I need to see you again. I need to know that you'll still be with me, no matter what I do. Please, Sasha..."

Sasha set a hand on his shoulder, lightly and almost imperceptibly.

"Severus... of course."

And then the man broke down. His wand clattered to the floor, he thudded his fists against the mantle, and roared. Sasha fell back with a gasp and watched him fall to his knees in front of the fire and snarl like a trapped animal. The emotion was back in his eyes, in his face, now hardened and lined with fury.

"It's not... fair."

"When was anything in this world fair?" Sasha whispered.

He growled at her and she took a step away. "Don't toss my words back at me so casually."

"Severus, please... calm down. You need to calm down."

Suddenly, he had returned to the emotionless man that had stepped through the flames around fifteen minutes ago. In fifteen minutes, he had flown between emotion and emotion, becoming three different people at once. In fifteen minutes, he had told her everything that had happened at Hogwarts. In fifteen minutes, he had rendered her, the one that was always calm, into a sobbing heap and back again. In fifteen minutes, he had managed to tug at her heartstrings and wonder if this was right.

"You need to go, Severus. The Ministry will come here."

"Clean the room. Leave nothing behind of me. We are estranged now, as we have always been."

He vanished the fire and stepped inside the fireplace, looking over at her. Sasha smiled sadly.

"As always, Severus. As always."

He Flooed away – she didn't listen to the destination, it was dangerous to do so – and she set about to clean the room, calm and silent tears streaming down her cheeks. In fifteen minutes, he had fallen into her open arms and then pushed her away again.

"You are always welcome," she whispered into the silent house. "You are always welcome here, Brother Severus."

Hope you enjoyed it and please review! Also note that it is vague and can be construed to be either a traitor Severus or an honest Severus. I believe in 50/50 percent chances.


Fifteen Minutes by Melvacaea [Reviews - 7]

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