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Kiss by Melvacaea [Reviews - 3]

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He stalked through the hallways, black robes billowing behind him, a scowl planted firmly on his features (like always). His greasy hair was loose and it hung in a lank mass around his head, brushing his shoulders, making his prominent nose even more so. Black eyes bored through the skulls of the students as he took off points from various houses for various reasons (like always). The hallways were lit by torches, sending white light everywhere, leaving only the deepest corners in shadow. Sunlight poured through the windows as well, causing the shadows to retreat even more in fear, leaving only a few inches of hiding space for hapless mice.

Professor Severus Snape, Potions Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, ex-Death Eater, ex-spy for the Order of the Phoenix, Head of Slytherin House, and terror of the students at Hogwarts, stopped at the beginning of one long hallways as he saw her. In his mind, he cursed colorfully. She was dressed in a white cotton dress trimmed in gold and black cubic design. Her hair fell in waving tendrils down her back, caressing her pale cheeks. Sparrow wing eyebrows rose from her closed eyes, but he knew what lay behind them. Pools of heaven, that's what they were. They were the very epithet of paradise.

She was leaning against the wall, next to a window, head tipped up and glistening lips slightly parted. Her hands were behind her back and bare feet wiggled on the cold floor. He continued to watch her, silently, absolutely itching to grab her and ravish her right here. He reminded himself that he was a free man, not condemned, not obedient to any master but himself. He had gotten an Order of Merlin, First Class, for God's sake! He started to walk up to her and made to stride past her with a sneer, but something she mumbled stopped him in his tracks.

He swore he had just heard his name escape her lips.

He turned back to her and saw her standing up on her own two feet, in the middle of the hallway, one hand roaming her neck, eyes still closed. He continued watching her, listening, and knew that he had not imagined it this time.

"Sev'rus," she mumbled in a breathy moan.

He frowned and then clapped his hands loudly. She didn't move, didn't jolt, didn't open her eyes. Her hand dipped down beneath the collar of her dress and he froze in place as she reached down. But her hand slipped back out again and roamed her bosom from the outside, smoothing the dress in front. He knew what she was doing now. Dream Probing. She was feeling the dream, being it, in the middle of a hallway!

And he was in it!

Before he could keep his impulses in check, he had swept behind her and touched her shoulder. She shuddered and leaned back into him, lips forming a tiny smile. Her hand didn't stop moving and he brushed her hair back, revealing her swan-like neck. A sigh escaped her lips.

"Don't ever stop touching me, Sev'rus."

He loved how she said his name and he didn't know why. She seemed to omit the second 'e', whispering it, letting it slide between her teeth and lower lip. His right hand tangled in her hair and her head dipped back against his shoulder as he massaged her head gently. She pressed up against him and he licked his lips, wondering exactly how he had gotten into this position. Her head moved slowly from side to side, moving with his hand, and he wrapped a few tendrils of her hair around his fingers, pulling her head to the side.

"Please, Sev'rus...," she whimpered.

He lifted his left hand and touched her neck, reveling in the feel of her smooth (and quite probably, deeply moisturized) pale skin. His left arm wrapped around her shoulder, running the tips of his fingers up and down her neck, causing her to shiver in a delightful way against him. He chuckled and she shivered again.


"What is it you want, then?" he said in that baritone voice of velvet. A voice that was not harsh, like the one he used daily, but silky and seductive. Again, she trembled.

"Kiss me... please... just here..." She lifted her hand away from the bosom and touched a spot on her neck.

"As you wish."

He grasped her hair tighter and she let loose a trembling gasp as her cheeks flushed. His other hand lay on top of hers slightly and he pressed a spot with his thumb. He lowered his head and pressed a chaste kiss against her neck before lifting his head and starting to release her.


He stopped, eyebrows arched.

"Please, Sev'rus... can you kiss me there harder?"

He frowned slightly, but lowered his head again and nipped her lightly, causing her to whimper. He suckled softly and kiss and then let his tongue dart out briefly. He waited with baited breath for her reaction. It couldn't have been better.

"Oh, yes, Severus..."

He nipped her again, just enough pain to be pleasurable, and drew a bit of blood. She gave a little cry, not of pain but delight. She felt his tongue trace the tiny wound and clean away the blood. She shivered again and the Potions Master closed his eyes as he indulged in her neck, tasting of peaches and vanilla. Her hand twitched under his suddenly, and he stopped for moment as she stirred.

In a movement far too fast for someone doing a Dream Probe, she flipped in his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck, smiling up at him brightly. He stared down at her in surprise, anger, and humiliation. There were sparks of happiness in her eyes and she lifted her chin to meet his dark gaze.

"Don't stop," she whispered, fully conscious and aware that this was real.

"You tricked me," he said lowly.

"Yes, I did, didn't I?" she said cheerfully.

He stared down at her and found that she had pressed her lips against his...voluntarily. He froze in her arms, hands on her neck, and stared down at her in surprise. She pulled back and tilted her head to the side, smiling slightly.

"Did you just..."

She sighed. "I'm not blind, Severus, but you are."

It took him a moment to process that comment.

"How long?" he asked hoarsely.

"Since seventh year," she whispered.

"Good God..."


With that, he lowered his head to hers and lost himself in her lips, her tongue, her curve. He pressed her up against the opposite wall, sunlight pouring around them.

"I believe you tricked me," he rumbled in her ear, and she shivered.


"I think, Miss, that it is something that deserves a detention... wouldn't you say?"

"Oh... most definitely, Professor."

It was followed by the longest, most passionate kiss he had ever experienced.

He wasn't alone anymore.

The character can actually be anyone you want, not just an OC, because if you notice, I didn't describe her accurately or colorfully in any of the two. So you can just insert yourself if you wish. Note that where she says "since seventh year", she could mean when SHE was in seventh year as a student under him or WITH him in seventh year.

Go see Marquise's pic! She needs to work on the neck a bit, but it has AMAZING detail and shadow work. Beautiful piece, Marquise, I salute you.

Kiss by Melvacaea [Reviews - 3]

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