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Weasley, I Presume by Andrian [Reviews - 20]

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Weasley, I Presume

Something was tickling his nose. Severus opened one bleary eye and looked up at an unfamiliar ceiling. A faint gray pre dawn light was trickling in from a small window. Window? He had no window in his room. At once he tensed. When he tried to lift his head to take a better look around he groaned and let it fall back. Now he remembered.

They had been drinking heavily last night sitting around the table at Grimmauld Place on New Year’s Eve. Even the brats had been allowed to join in, though they were no longer his students, except for the youngest Weasley, he could not think of them as anything but annoying students.

There had been a game of sorts, something Granger had called Truth or Dare and ridiculous antics. He had not joined in but had secretly watched in sarcastic humor as the other adults had made fools of themselves while he polished off a bottle of firewhiskey that Mundungus had left before passing out in a pile of rags under the table.

Apparently he had been too drunk to Apparate back to the castle and had either been led to a bed or stumbled into one. Closing his eyes, Severus thought to go back asleep when he was suddenly aware of the steady breathing of someone else, someone else in the room, in fact they sounded quite close.

His eyes flew open and he slowly turned his head as his rather large nose made contact with what had tickled it in the first place. A mass of long tangled red hair stared him in the face, the only part of the person in question that was sticking out from beneath the covers.

The Weasley girl

Swearing inwardly, he thought of the hell he would have to pay if anyone found out he was in bed with Ginny. But then…

Trying hard to think of what had occurred last night, he remembered the girl flitting around the room, brazenly flirting with anything male. Hell, he had been so pissed he wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she had probably took advantage of the situation and had led him to her room. Given the rumors he had heard about her, that her reputation was less than sterling, Severus was convinced that she had more than likely jumped on the chance to shag her professor.

A sly smirk graced his face as he turned over not quite touching the body beside him. If he had been so drunk that he couldn’t remember anything he knew he hadn’t been able to perform for her. It had always been that way with him. However as he expected it, he had a raging hard on, a by product of waking up from a bad drunk. Perhaps he should give her what she had expected last night.

Edging closer his rock hard erection brushed against firm buttocks as his nose buried into the mass of hair finding a delicate ear. “Wake up,” he said huskily, “I have a ‘surprise’ for you.”

“If you don’t want to lose that ‘surprise’ permanently I suggest you back away, now!” said a deep baritone voice.

Severus froze.

“Now!” barked Bill Weasley as he threw back the covers and jumped out of bed, naked, grabbing a pillow to hold in front of him. The two men stared at each other, a look of anger and horror on Bill’s face, shock on Severus’.

“What the bloody hell are you doing in my bed, Snape?” Bill hissed, looking pale and a bit green around the mouth. “God, you…we…oh Merlin.” The younger man groaned and covered his mouth.

Severus quickly recovered and cocked an eyebrow at Bill, a smug look on his face. He knew they hadn’t, not that Severus didn’t occasionally bugger, however he knew his body would not have cooperated last night. Still Weasley didn’t.

Getting out of the bed, Severus casually found his clothes and dressed.

“Tell me nothing happened last night, Snape,” Bill said harshly, though Severus could detect the whine beneath the bravado.

Fastening the last clasp on his robes, Severus walked over to Bill who clutched the pillow more tightly against his privates. Bill Weasley, ladies man, who often bragged at the meetings of his latest conquest now whimpering in fear that he had shagged or been shagged by a man. It was not a secret that Bill detested buggery and those that engaged in it.

Stopping just inches in front of Bill, Severus smiled slyly as he place his mouth near Bill’s ear. “We did and you were magnificent. The tightest arse I have ever enjoyed.” With a bow Severus left the room in swirl of black, a genuine smile gracing his face.

Damn, that was almost better than a morning shag

Weasley, I Presume by Andrian [Reviews - 20]

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