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The Conference by Melvacaea [Reviews - 10]


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Well... hold on a second...
Epilogue: Ten Years Later

"We'd like to announce the tenth anniversary of two of our professors: Professor Severus and Mara Snape! Please give them a round of applause."

The Potions Master and Charms professor gave each other tired glances. Minerva was more like Albus than she thought. The Great Hall was much like it had been throughout Mara's stay at Hogwarts: loud, even though there were hardly any students this Christmas vacation. Her husband merely scowled and continued eating and Mara immediately became interested in a brick of Monterey Jack to avoid having to say another speech. Hermione was now the Muggle Studies professor and she held one hand over her eight-month large stomach. Remus was talking with her softly and there was a ten-year-old boy currently sitting on a stool by the Head Table with an small, eight-year-old girl. They were grinning madly down the table at the Snapes.

"We'll never live it down, will we?" Snape muttered to his wife.

"Fat chance." She eyed the children at the end of the table and then, when everyone started eating again, sighed. They were at it again. "Sirius James Lupin and Cassandra Adelaide Snape! Don't even think it!" The two of the children looked guiltlessly their way and Severus chuckled into his hand, eyes crinkling. Sirius passed Cassandra the little bottle of some potion; Mara didn't want to find out what it was. "I swear, they're like Fred and George all over again."

"Don't even think it," he shuddered and she laughed. The Saturday morning breakfast was going well and Mara privately thought back on their dungeons: moonflowers -- check; black candles -- check; food -- check; bed -- check; lingerie -- check; bath -- check.

"No classes today. Whatever shall we do?" she told him innocently and he arched an eyebrow at her.

"I'm sure I can find some things. For instance, there's a potion I have to finish and I have papers to grade --"

"Only if they're about lust potions," she growled and his eyes took their mischievous turn. Other than that, his face remained in a carefully bland expression.

No one noticed when the Snape couple stood up, talked in low tones to the Lupin couple, and swept down to the dungeons.

The End

Special thanks go to: Trickie Woo, Grey_Eminence, Black_lust_z, EmmaLodger, racheldiego, niklars, Grainne, the Anonymous people (PLEASE!!, GREAT!!, and HURRY!!), nljfs, wytchcat, mada, and Sniv. Thank you for making me laugh, speeding me up, correcting me, and stroking my ego. You're everything a fanfiction writer could wish for!

Extra special thanks to the admins (carecrystal, Vaughn, and Ellcey).

Dedicated to EllieK for the original idea to this story and to Vaughn for support and patience.

And now, for a special surprise... (which shall be voted on in the reviews for the epilogue and whole story that I hope for)... I was thinking about... having a nice collection... of short Mara/Snape/Cassandra stories.

And with that anticlimatic ending, we finish "The Conference". Thanks to everyone who has read this story and accompanied me on the adventure! Until next time!

Wow, that sounds like the ending to some really crappy show. Only me, eh?

Once again, thank you for everything! (I dare you to count the number of times that I've said thank you...)


The Conference by Melvacaea [Reviews - 10]


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