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The Conference by Melvacaea [Reviews - 1]

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Oh well, it'll just have to put up with me.

Thanks to wonderful reviews from Black_lust_z, Grey_Eminence, and Anonomuys PLEASE!
Chapter Twenty-Nine: And Yes, I Want To

No one noticed the ring. It was very strange, but no one noticed it throughout the rest of the day until dinner. When Mara settled down next to Severus and felt his heated gaze upon her, the ring pricked her finger and she gave a little grumble. The Great Hall doors opened and she looked up from her steak to see Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Luna. She stood up, Hermione and Remus following suit, and swept up to them, hugging each of them in turn. Ron's face wore a huge grin.

"Number two," he whispered in her ear as she hugged him and she squealed loudly, causing several people to turn and stare. She hugged Ron and Luna Weasley even tighter, tears entering her eyes and her smile persistent.

"That's wonderful, Luna!"

"Yes, isn't it?" she said dreamily, the faraway look still in her wide, light blue eyes.

She saw Ginny eyeing her hand sharply and she knew that she had -- finally -- been found out.

"Mara, what's on your finger?"

She looked down at it, feigning surprise. "Why, how silly of me. I obviously thought that it was a ring."

Harry grabbed her hand and she watched his eyes narrow.

"I've seen that symbol before," he hissed. "Snape!"

At the table, Severus looked up and into Harry's eyes.

"What do you mean, Snape?" Ron said loudly and Mara threw her hands into the air.

It was cacophony. Ron was shouting, Remus was growling, Hermione was babbling in her shock, Harry was somewhat yelling, Ginny was chiding Mara, Luna was staring at the ring pensively, and Severus -- who had come down from the table -- was trying fruitlessly to make them listen. Oh, and the students had started to join in the uproar -- at least, the ones who somewhat understood what was going on. Finally, Mara had enough of it.

"ENOUGH!" she screamed, her voice piercing the air like an arrow.

Silence descended upon the Great Hall and the professors were staring in open-mouthed shock, Dumbledore with a fierce twinkle in his blue eyes.

"You four are going to wait outside," she told the visitors. "Remus, Hermione, you are going to eat and I'll talk with you later. You people can get back to eating! And you -- don't think you're going to squeeze your way out of this. You're coming with me."

And it was in that manner that she calmed everything down. She led the four friends to the Room of Requirement with her head held high. Snapping at them to calm down, she told them to wait and entered the hallway where she had left Severus. He was pinching the bridge of his nose, looking somewhat in agony.

"Severus," she said quietly and he looked up at her, into her sapphire pools.

"What the hell made you decide to cause this?" he questioned, fury rising in his eyes. "You know damn well that we have time to get that thing off your finger!"

"What if I don't want it off my finger?"

He halted in his tirade and stared at her, disbelief evident in his eyes. She looked calm and cool, but there was a nervousness in those eyes that he thought didn't belong there.

"Wh-what?" he finally spluttered out.

"I said, what if I don't want it off my finger?"

It couldn't be. She couldn't possibly want to -- but hadn't she told him this morning that she loved him? Did she ever hear his response? Probably not. The chit had been too tired out.

"You'd -- really -- are you -- serious?"

She smiled gently and stepped closer to him, persuading him to envelope her in his arms.

"What do you think?"

He looked down into her eyes and lost himself in them. When he pulled himself out, he crushed his lips down upon hers, unable to say the words but able to convey them. She pressed herself against him, increasing the intensity. He separated with a gasp.

"I don't know -- what to --"

"You're going to help me calm down two very annoyed couples."

"Ah, my first duty as a fiancé," he said sarcastically and she laughed, kissing him lightly.

"My one and only," she mumbled before opening the door. The four of them seemed vastly peeved at her and, with a deep breath, the door closed and they tried to sort everything out.


"I swear, that boy gets on my nerves more and more every time he --"

"Do stop, Severus. We both know that you adore him."

Severus gave his fiancee a highly affronted look as he led her inside the dungeon and closed the door. She pushed herself up onto his desk and read one of the essays that lay there. She wrinkled her nose at it.


"That's generally what I say."

There was a knock upon the door and Severus opened it warily. Hermione stood there, looking worried.

"Hermione? Is something wrong?" Mara asked, alarmed.

She had explained everything to the three couples and then, returning to the Great Hall, managed to get Albus to stay quiet until the details were sorted out. Hermione had taken it all in stride and wished them well, looking a bit tired around the eyes.

"I want you to be Sirius' godmother," she said flatly, falling into a chair and rubbing her three-month stomach.

Both of them blinked.

"Sirius?" Severus asked.

"Godmother?" Mara said at the same time.

Hermione sighed wearily and then Severus sneered.

"Please don't tell me the name for your child is..."

"Sirius James."

"Oh, God. Both of them rolled into one. Gods help me."

"Do stop being melodramatic, Severus. You want me to be a godmother?" She was smiling brightly.

"You're family anyway, but Ginny wants to be the godmother of our second child -- I already promised Remus two, don't look at me like that. Luna doesn't mind either way and Minerva will coddle him away anyway."

"Oh, Hermione!" The two of them chattered on about the baby and the room for the baby and what they would have done if it had been a girl and -- heaven help him -- ideas for Mara's children, if she had any.

He hid behind his desk and graded papers, which he found difficult with her delectable ass perched on said desk. Finally, after about an hour, he plucked the hem of her underwear, causing her to yelp.

"Severus Snape!" she admonished.

"Well, it's your own fault. You were the one who decided that my desk was a chair," he said peevishly before turning back to his work.

"Can you believe him?" he heard her ask in amusement to Hermione.

What followed was a highly irritating conversation about him... but he was rather pleased that some things about him that others considered faults, Mara considered things that gave him his personality.


Once Hermione had left, Mara turned her attentions to Severus.

"You ignored me for most of the evening," he said silkily.

"Oh yes. Would you like to have given Hermione a view of our shagging?" she asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Hm. Your impertinence will not go unpunished."

A shiver ran up her back as he purred that sentence.

"And how exactly will you punish me... Professor?"

He showed her exactly how, several wonderful times, throughout the course of the night.

Whoop! Here goes nothing!

The Conference by Melvacaea [Reviews - 1]

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