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The Conference by Melvacaea [Reviews - 3]

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Chapter Twenty-Eight: Of Disbelief

Mara woke up to an empty bed, but she wasn't disappointed. Severus had been silent after her declaration and she had promptly fallen asleep, letting him think about what she had said. She stretched again, this time meeting no obstacle, and decided to treat herself to his bathroom. It was truly an amazing bathroom. It was made of black tile, with a black sink with silver taps in the form of seashell and a black toilet with silver handles and black towel rods, two of them, each with a black towel. But it was the bathtub/shower that she loved. It had no shower curtains and was, of course, black. It was big enough for four people (though she really didn't want to go past two, and a very specific two) and square and deep. There were some taps along the edge, silver taps, which she decided to test that Saturday morning. She turned on the water and watched it fill up impatiently. There was a pain between her thighs which she had worked hard to ignore and right now, all she wanted to do was alleviate it. Once the warm water almost reached the brim, she lowered herself into it, wincing.

She settled into a comfortable position and lifted one foot painfully, flicking on a tap. Bright green bubbles emitted from it, scented with moonflower. So, somebody thinks about me. She laughed and played with the bubbles as they surrounded her, increasing her moonflower scent. Humming, she turned off the tap and turned on another that let loose a stream of cold silver water. She immediately turned it off and shivered, twirling a set of bubbles.

Mara heard the door to the bedroom open and she started to sing to let him know where she was. The door opened and she turned her head to look at him with a mischievous smile, but the smile instantly disappeared when she saw who was standing there.

"What the hell are you doing here?" she snapped at him, lowering herself deeper into the water.

Remus coughed and turned around, hands behind his back. There was a flush growing on his neck and she knew that he had smelled their actions last night. Well, serves him right for plaguing her with his smell.

"I came to check on you," he said lowly.

"Well, as you can see, I'm fine."

"Snape told me that you can see now."

He had seen the change in her eyes, a deeper color than before, and so well-suited for his little cousin. He couldn't believe that she was happy, that she could see, and that she was currently swearing at him under her breath.

"Yes, I can," she said, her voice losing its edge. "Now, if you don't mind, will you get the hell out of here? No offense meant but..." She waved her hand over the water and he just walked away, listening to her mutter about bothersome werewolves and bloody gossipy Potions Masters.


She looked at herself this way and that in the mirror, eyeing herself critically. Her hair was set in curls down her shoulders and, somehow, previously unseen highlights were showing up. She knew they were there, of course, but they had previously been overshadowed by the light brown quality of her hair. And, besides that, her hair had been straight and useless to do anything but messy buns and leave it loose unless it was wet. Now, it would follow her every command. She shrugged; must have been something in the water and she liked it. She wore dark blue dress robes that brought out her eyes and a gold ribbon in the empire line that she liked. It flared out over her feet, clad in dark blue cloth slippers. Then, for the final touch. She lifted her left hand and stared at it, seemingly empty, for a long while. With a sharp command, the ring appeared on her finger and she straightened her skirts before exiting the dungeons and heading to the Great Hall for lunch.

Heads turned at her entrance and there were whispers as they noticed that she was without her cane. She looked over at Dumbledore, who was twinkling madly, and winked heavily, letting everyone see. Picking up her skirts, she sailed her way down the table and sat down next to Snape, who was looking at her oddly.

"Problem, Severus?" she asked easily and she saw his dark gaze dart down to her hand. There was a frown and she smiled lightly before diving into her food.

"I think that I'd like to make an announcement!" Dumbledore said and everyone quieted. "As you can see, our professor is no longer blind. It might have been a temporary ailment, but it had been showing signs of being permanent and turning her into an Aura Seer." Mutters. It was old news that she had been able to see auras, but see them and understand the future with them? This was stuff for the newspaper. "I think that she would love to explain how it happened."

Bugger it. "In a book I heard about, it said this: 'When the blind person is truly happy and truly fulfilled, their sight will come back... er, in explosions. The eye color will become a deeper color, now that they have seen the world in a different manner: the color will become one of wisdom and knowledge and true depth of soul. But no words can describe what the person will feel.'"

She noticed that Severus was vainly attempting to cover a laugh and she stepped on his foot, scowling at him. He just stared down at his food, eyes and lips twitching. If Hogwarts saw him smile, most probably Poppy would have to handle several hundred fainting people.

"And how were you happy?" Dumbledore asked, but not for the general student population.

Mara merely gave him a secretive smile and sat back down, to receive a tumultuous applause. There was evidence of disbelief on everyone's faces and she knew that she shouldn't reveal anything about Severus. That would be utterly stupid right now. Besides, they'd probably all die from the shock.

"By the way Severus, what was in the water?" she muttered to him.

Severus merely gave her a secretive smirk.
Short, transitional chapter... Thank you all!

The Conference by Melvacaea [Reviews - 3]

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