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The Conference by Melvacaea [Reviews - 2]

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Thanks to Trickie Woo for the review of the previous chapter!
Chapter Sixteen: Day Two

Mara was already inside the room the next day, giving herself a mental pep talk, when the students poured in. Evidently, the elder students had filled in the younger years what yesterday's talk was about and they were looking at her oddly. She opened her Transfiguration notes and ran her finger down the lines, blinking serenely. Professor McGonagall was seated by the left wall, hand crossed primly in her lap and eyes shining curiously. Mara pulled on a tendril of her hair nervously and gave the ring a good, firm twist.

"Good afternoon," she told them cordially. "Today's theme is Transfiguration. This is the most loathed part of being a werewolf, for a werewolf's transformation is excruciatingly painful. A tamed werewolf, like Remus, tends to bite and claw at their own skin when they transform because they want more room to spread, more room to move. What happens is this: when the moonlight hits any part of their skin, it triggers the nerves to change and expand to werewolf's nerve formation. The chromosomes are jumbled and united and depleted to fit the amount of chromosomes in a normal wolf. When that happens the chromosome reading changes and the physical appearance is distorted within the moment. Since chromosomes carry readings of your mind as well, the mind changes to that of a wolf with wolf instincts. The Wolfsbane Potion is used to keep these chromosomes unchanged, but we'll go into that later..."

As she talked, awing them with her vast knowledge (mostly memorized or collected from the years spent with her cousin) and her frightful taste for detailed descriptions of things, she was acutely aware of Snape's presence in the back of the room, watching. She felt a prickling in her finger and she clasped her hands together as she stood up to dim the lights and work the projector, relaxing as she realized that she couldn't see him all that well now.

He could see her perfectly though. She was dressed in blue robes that hugged her curves lightly, just framing her slimness. Her bosom, while not ample, was proportional to her body and had a smooth rise. Her hands were fluttering birds, embellishing the words she spoke and something getting laughs from the students, more from the older ones. Her brown hair was painstakingly straight and hung loosely down her shoulders and her blue eyes were sparkling as she talked. He noticed something then that he hadn't before. Two somethings, rather. When she talked, there was a smile on those full, red lips: she enjoyed what she was doing. When she was nervous though, she had a habit of reaching for the invisible ring and twisting it: it looked as if she were rubbing circles around her bare finger.

Then the projector froze and the students stood up and gravitated en masse to the snack table. Mara warned them that they had only ten minutes and then she took off to the room next door. Snape followed, keeping to the shadows. When he opened the door, he saw her sitting upon a rug on the floor and opening a brown paper bag. From it she retrieved a sandwich, a bunch of grapes, and a chocolate pudding.

She flipped open a book before her, released the sandwich from the aluminum foil, and bit into it indelicately. Snape snorted and she looked up in surprise, mouth full and cheeks filled out like a chipmunk.

"You look like a chipmunk," he told her lowly as he stepped towards her. She swallowed her food and scowled at him. "Is the food good?"

"Yes it is, I'll have you know," she said haughtily and bit into it again. His lips twitched.

"Ten minutes? Can you finish all that in ten minutes?"

"If you shut up and let me eat in peace, yes, I can."

"Fine then." He summoned a chair and sat before her. "I'll talk, you listen." She made a sound of protest, which he ignored. "The potion which I wish that you would do is the original Wolfsbane."

She choked on the last bite of sandwich and took a swig of some rapidly conjured water. After a moment of hearing her cough, he thumped her on the back. She wheezed.

"Original Wolfsbane? As in, getting rid of lycanthropy?"

"Yes. It can only be done by a virgin, and what I mean by that is that you have to handle everything. If I even so much as touch the sodding stirring rod, the whole potion is botched. The only problem is that I don't know how long it will take."

She stared at him in complete stupefaction. Obviously she had not gotten past the fact of what potion they were doing.

"You want me... to make a potion... that can rid my cousin of lycanthropy? And I suppose he's the guinea pig?"

"He has been for several years," Severus pointed out quietly and Mara fell backwards, staring at the ceiling.


"I didn't realize that it would have this effect. Perhaps if I had come better prepared..."

Mara looked up, confused. When she did so, she realized that she had opened her legs to him. She just happened to be wearing a skirt that day, a long one, and it was currently bunched up around her thighs. Face burning, she rapidly stood up and packed away what was left of her food, eyes planted firmly on her actions. His hand lay over hers, stilling her movements, and then fisted itself over her small hands.

"There is no need to be embarrassed," he whispered in her ear and she shivered at the feel of his rock-solid chest against her own.

His arms tightened around her waist and one of her hands slipped out from under his to find its way to his arm. She felt her way along his right forearm, his rounded elbow, his ropy muscles that tautened under the feel of her fingers... She had turned sideways in his embrace and she tilted her head up to the right to meet his gaze.

As if they realized what they were doing, they leaped apart and the ring gave a little twitch on her finger, as if angry. She flew out the door and into the room, where the students quieted to listen to her talk about the finer points of a Cruciatus Curse on werewolves. Severus, in the meantime, was staring at the spot where she had been with something akin to longing.

Read and review, pretty please! Like I've said countless times before, I'm a vampire for constructive criticism.

I'm still unsure about how old I'm making Snape, but I shall do that timeline right now.

The Conference by Melvacaea [Reviews - 2]

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