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The Conference by Melvacaea [Reviews - 2]

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Trickie Woo and Grey_Eminence for the stellar reviews!

Chapter Fourteen: Day One

She cancelled Charms classes for that week and (much to the glee of the students) Snape cancelled his classes for Friday. Rather reluctantly, but he did. The professors whose classes were used for the conference that week did not seem annoyed (well, maybe a little bit). On the contrary, they seemed rather pleased that the students were going listen to an explanation that could rid the school of the fear of Remus Lupin.

Five minutes before it was due to start, she heard the students filing in noisily. She winced as her headache escalated and placed a Soundproof Charm on the room that was connected to the conference room. Rubbing her temples, she checked the charmed clock on the table and stood up, shedding her cloak to reveal a pair Muggle jeans and a white blouse. Pulling her hair back into a ponytail, she picked up her pack of DADA papers, took a deep breath, and walked in as a loud bell silenced the room. She winced again and as she stepped behind the small desk, someone handed her a Headache Potion. She ignored the owner of the pale hand and downed the potion in a quick gulp.

Mara looked around the room and gave them all a weak smile. Slytherins were the only ones to return it and she twisted the familiar weight on her left hand discreetly.

"Right, well, I suppose we should start now. You were given programs for today at the entrance and I'd like to thank all the professors for helping me and allowing me to take up their class time. I promise I'll make it up to you somehow seeing as how I'm going to be here for a bit."

She cast a look at the Lupins, who gave her identical cheeky grins.

"So, we're going to start with the history of the werewolves. No one is really sure how werewolves were created but we think that it started with the Greek gods."

She snapped her fingers and the lights went out, allowing the projector to show a picture of Zeus and a tyrant.

"The Greeks tell us of a tyrant named Lycaon. He served Zeus the flesh of a human child and Zeus wasn't too happy about it. So Zeus turned Lycaon into a wolf. The hitch? Some of his human features remained."

The picture of Lycaon the wolf wasn't beautiful and some of the first years shuddered.

"The basics of werewolf problems are these: they are vulnerable to silver and they transform every full moon. These features were slowly evolved as Lycaon had a liaison with a witch and they had the second most primitive werewolf: a boy who transforms into a wolf every night. It evolved from there. We have no idea where the vulnerability to silver came from, though. And perhaps you've noticed: the word 'lycanthrope' comes from 'Lycaon'. There are other stories, true stories, about werewolves. They mostly include humor and the fact that werewolves need to take off their clothes to transform."

She let the students snort for a minute and she winked at the furiously blushing Remus.

"There are other fine details to this which will be explained in the second half. Right, so we all know about the Salem Witch Trials. Nasty things. Well, they also burned werewolves at the stake. And, what do you know, not one of them died."

She tapped the table as a picture of a werewolf in a still fire appeared on the projector. There were mutters.

"Werewolves aren't susceptible to fire. They only pretended to be dead and then got the hell out of there. Rather like the witches did."

She sat down in the chair that appeared and smoothed her jeans, flipping the pages before her. She licked her upper lip and Hermione gave her a discreet thumbs-up.

"If you're attacked by a werewolf, the best way to defend yourself is one of two ways: using silver or using the Killing Curse. Of course, Avada Kedavra is illegal, so that's not such a hot idea." She tapped the table. "Of course, it's also illegal for a werewolf to go rampant... " She scrunched up her nose and then opened up her folder. "Which brings us to the Department of Care of Magical Creatures. When bitten by a werewolf, you have to sign a form, and it's a bloody long form, too..."


The students were chattering by the snack table in their little cliques while Mara was busy nursing a cup of coffee. She read her next speech and sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. There was a reason as to why this next section was restricted. They should have probably made it only fifth to seventh years, now that she thought about it. If even one person giggled, they would be hexed into next week. Or maybe last week. Depending upon her mood.

"Testosterone, sex, and bestiality. The things dreams are made of."

Mara's breathing hitched at the voice that seemed to come from directly above her and she turned slowly in her seat to face Professor Snape. She looked up at him and swore she saw a shadow of a smile about his lips. He gazed down at her, dark eyes flickering over her surprised face and lingering, however briefly, upon her full lips.

"I start the next part soon. I'm going to be plagued by this for a week – no, a month," she stated grimly, standing to face him. He was still taller than her though and it unnerved her.

"I have thought about the house elf's proposal." He indicated that she should sit and she did so, flipping a page as she reviewed her notes one last time.


She didn't expect his hands to settle upon her shoulders and she lifted her hand to cover the gasp that escaped her. She kept her eyes upon her papers, stiffening underneath his palms. The hands then started to move in rhythmic motions, pulling at her muscles seductively.

"Jesus Christ...," she muttered. "Snape... what do you think?" she choked out.

He continued to massage her neck and shoulders, the long fingers daring to reach the very start of the rise of her breast. A soft sound exited her parted lips and she lifted her head to stare straight ahead at the wall, swallowing convulsively. It was when he spoke that she found that his face was right next to her ear and it was his hair that was caressing said ear mercilessly.

"You told me... that you were a virgin."

She licked her upper lip. "Yes."

"I have a potion... that needs doing. I can't do it. You can."

Ha! He's not a virgin! Meaning that somewhere in there is something desirable! Wait, where the hell did that come from? Why do I care? Her thoughts did not deem it appropriate to answer her.

"Help me with my potion... and I assure you that I will help you with whatever you... desire."

She grit her teeth together and felt the hands still for a moment. Then, a pair of lips touched the very edge of the shell of her ear. Mara jolted out of her seat and whirled around, to find that she was lightly held in Snape's embrace.

"What the hell do you think you're playing at?" she hissed.

He seemed to realize what he had been doing and he separated from her, running a hand through his hair.

"I apologize, Alexandria. The ring it –" He was at a loss for an explanation. "The bond gives us a certain amount of lust. It builds up after a matter of time and then it can become... unbearable."

"So you're saying that until we defeat this, we have to touch each other," she said in a matter-of-fact manner.


"Right then." She glanced at her watch and then gave him a wicked smile. "Then I suppose turnabout is fair play."

He blinked in surprise and didn't notice when she stepped behind him. Her cool hands steered the curious man to the seat that she had previously occupied and then, instead of massaging him as he thought she would do, she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned over his shoulder, the palms of her hands flat against his chest and her cheek against his.

"I suggest that you employ a new tactic for touching me, Professor... because remember that we have at least one werewolf in this school." She lowered her voice to a breathy sound, like wind. "And make it good, Professor... don't disappoint me."

With that, Mara slipped away from the Potions Master and into the conference room, where she sent away the third and fourth years, not feeling ready to putting up with their giggles and gasps.

Author's Notes:
The information on werewolf mythology came from "The Sorcerer's Companion". I just added a few of my own ideas... I got the myth on Orion and Artemis from the Encyclopedia Britannica because my Greek mythology has been a bit fuzzy lately.

You know the drill, people!

The Conference by Melvacaea [Reviews - 2]

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