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The Conference by Melvacaea [Reviews - 4]

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Vaughn for her never-ending patience with my ellipses. I think I got them all this time!

Second of all, thanks to Grey_Eminence for the lovely review. (And all the others that reviewed after I've gotten this far!)

Third, yes, annoying Snape in this chapter.

Chapter Six: Release the Hellcat

Mara had awoken late. Rushing into her classroom and pulling her robe on, the door slammed open, revealing a rowdy classroom that instantly quieted at her harried entrance. She flashed the first-years a smile and then turned to the board, waving her hand in a vague gesture. Her wand started writing silver script on the board and she turned to address the class.

"Apparently, I overslept. Received hell from a house elf too, if you can believe it. Scariest thing I've ever seen."

She shuddered. The class chuckled and she rolled her eyes.

"Hermione wants me to go over the theory of the Freezing Charm, meaning that History of Magic is going to have to be put into use here. How many of you have fallen asleep with Binns? Be honest now."

Several of them raised their hands guiltily.

"Right, let's start with the creation of the Freezing Charm. It was originally intended to turn things into ice, or rather, cover them with ice, but it turned out to freeze things in position. Soon, it was noticed that the wand movement wasn't helping..."

She read the next passage in Hermione's speech and cleared her throat.

"An ice skater suffered an injury and she helped in modifying the Freezing Charm by alternating the wand movement..."


During lunch period, she asked that her food be brought up to her and she ate patiently, reading a book solely dedicated to the Wolfsbane Potion. She didn't realize the time and became late for her next class, to which she rushed to and tripped. The class chuckled as she sat down and indicated the work on the board. Suddenly, she heard the creak of the door and her hand went for her wand, her head shooting around and sending brown strands across her face. The dark figure behind the door arched an eyebrow at the students who turned to look. They were suitably cowed and turned to their books, furiously ignoring the Potions Master.

"Yes, Professor Snape? To what pleasure do I owe to have you here in my classroom?" she asked coolly, never releasing her grip on her wand.

"I was just wondering if you ever made it anywhere on time," he responded and was rewarded with a faint blush beneath her eyes. "Unfortunately, you do not resemble your cousin in any way. Of course, that is a blessing now that I think of it. We do not need yet another Lupin scurrying around the school, howling at the moon."

The class erupted into very brief mutters. Mara's lips thinned.

"Indeed, Professor. When we only have one howling at the moon as it is."

"Ah, but what of the child? Werewolf genes do tend to carry over. And I thought Lupin abided the rules. Apparently, his mind is still that of a horny fifth-year."

Mara stood up, wand behind her back and lips twitching in an effort to contain her anger.

"Professor, if all you want to do is stand there and insult my cousin, you are free to do so outside of class. Right now, I am attending a class of first-years and I would appreciate it if you left my classroom."

"Oh. Attending to them? Really? All I see is you sitting -- forgive me, standing -- there, responding to me and allowing the students to pass notes."

Her glance was sharp and the students kept their eyes on their work. All hands stayed firmly planted on their respective desks.

"I would appreciate it, Professor, if you did not accuse my students of something they haven't done."

"Just like Lupin, then. Pity. Evidently, all we need is for him to bite you and him to commit suicide and then... we wouldn't have lost anything at all. Except maybe a great amount of testosterone."

There were gasps around the classroom and Mara, pushed beyond her limits, swept out her wand and aimed at the Potions Master, hissing a Silencing Charm. A few seconds later, she was three inches from his nose.

"Don't you ever shut that mouth of yours? Don't you ever, ever say that about my cousin again. If I even hear you breathe anything that has to do with him, you will rue the day. Do you understand me, Snape?"

She actually grabbed him by the collar and tugged him in small jerks out the room. She released him from the charm, hearing a 'Don't bother coming tonight', and slammed the classroom door behind her.

"Continue with your work," she said blandly as she flopped into a chair. "And do try to not let this reach the staff."


"I hear the Hellcat was released early this morning," her cousin said through the door after dinner. "Not only that, but they know that you're my cousin."

"I'm going to kill those kids," she said darkly before locking the door to her room that night.

Hmph. I'm not pleased with myself. The plot bunnies died around here. Of course, we have a nice little section coming up:
Next chapter: A more intricate web is woven in the past of our protagonists. What secrets do they hide?

I've decided that from now on, I'll give you the 'next chapter' plot to keep you hooked.

Read! Review! Ideas! Constructive criticism! (This is the worst rallying cry I've ever formed)

The Conference by Melvacaea [Reviews - 4]

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