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The Conference by Melvacaea [Reviews - 3]

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Trickie Woo for the constant reviewing! Who here doesn't want Alan Rickman in there room? *silence* Anyone? *more silence* Right, looks like we'll have to share, girls.

*coughs* Right, I'm over that. I know I promised that this would be longer, but it's... 874 words.

BUT! BUT! BUT! *stalls comments* BUT... Snape's sexy voice makes it first shiver. So read on my dears!

Chapter Five: Just a Reminder

Mara sat in the staff room, rubbing her temples and glaring at the fireplace. Her headache had escalated tremendously throughout the day and all she wanted to do was get piss drunk and pass out. She cast a glance around the room, saw the coffeepot, and made a beeline for it. Sipping at the gloriously hot drink, she took another look around the room. Empty. Silent. Bliss.

Only, not too great. For some reason, the silence made her think of the noises that had to have been coming from Remus' room. She shook her head and wrinkled her nose in disgust as she settled in her chair again, staring once more into the fire. The chill air of the week before the eve of November blew through and she looked down at her watch. She had been here three hours already; it was almost midnight. She summoned some papers to her and, coffee set on a desk, she began to work.

The Unforgivables and Werewolves:
While the Imperius Curse can be used against werewolves, they have developed an immunity to it over the centuries. Young werewolves and/or newly bitten werewolves do not have the same immunity as, say, a thirty-year-old werewolf or a werewolf that has been this way for several years.

The Cruciatus Curse aids in transforming them from wolf to human form and vice-versa WHEN IT IS NEUTRALLY CAST (i.e. cast to help, not to cause pain) (painful anyway). When performed by an exceptionally skilled wizard (e.g. Albus Dumbledore, Lord Voldemort (deceased)), it will cause even more pain than when it is neutrally cast and rapid back-and-forth transformations. When cast to hurt, the same will occur. This will kill the werewolf.

She tapped her quill against the paper and flipped through the slim book. She heard the door open and she turned her gaze to where Remus stood, shaking his head at her.

"What are you doing here?" he asked her as he stepped behind her.

"Working." She ignored him and continued to write.

The Avada Kedavra curse kills werewolves, no questions asked. There has been belief that werewolves were immune to it, but it has not been proven.

She felt his hand begin to massage her shoulders and she gave a sigh of relief as the tension eased away slowly. He began to work at the knots and her nose twitched as she smelled something that seemed to disgust her.

"Right, step away from the virgin."

Remus arched an eyebrow.

"Remus, you smell of sex all over."

She pulled away from him and sat up on the table after sweeping her notes out of the way.

"Since when do you know what sex smells like?" he asked coolly.

"Hey, I'm not completely devoid of friends. And, just so that you know, none of them are beautiful vestal virgins."

Remus snorted.

"Believe you me, Mara, I know."

They shared a laugh and then an owl tapped on a window. Mara let Rubicon in and a letter dropped into her lap. The already-familiar scrawl of a certain professor made her day complete.

"SHIT!" She ripped open the letter, read the scathing comments, and swore again. "FUCK!"

Remus was taken aback. "What was that -- oh."

She shot out of the room and then, in a hallway, she tripped over someone's feet. Going sliding across the floor, she pushed herself up and met the severely pissed off eyes of Severus Snape.

"Ah... Professor Snape. How very... lovely..."

"Is there any particular reason as to why you did not come to the dungeons?"

"Em... I... had plans to go over with Hermione and... I had to finish something for the... con... fe... rence..." She coughed uneasily and Snape arched an eyebrow.

"Which is precisely why I called you to my chambers. Do you find yourself inept to pull yourself together and do two things at once?"

She pressed her lips together. "No, Professor. I can certainly --"

"That is wonderful news, Miss Alexandria. I hope that you finish at least the Potions part for tomorrow night or else I shall regretfully inform the Headmaster that you cannot give Charms classes and prepare a conference at the same time. I'm sure he'll hate to have to take away something."

"He'll just give the Charms classes to someone else."

He stepped closer to her in a flash. She could feel the angry heat radiating off him and the silky voice purred a threat in her ear.

"Not if I tell him that you're beginning to be averse to accepting his proposal. I'm sure that your lupine cousin will be... terribly disappointed that you were so selfish to worry about your own well-being before his own state of mind."

She shivered before him. The voice traveled down her neck and back, sending off sparks at the base of her spine. She licked her lips and gave a him a penetrating glare.

"I find myself completely competent of my abilities, Snape, and my ego is not as large as you think it is. Do me a favor and get off my back."

She stepped away from him, fuming silently, and stepped into her rooms. She threw herself onto her bed and looked blearily at her watch. She had classes to cover tomorrow morning at it was almost one in the morning. Tomorrow was going to be hell.


*sighs* Silky voice. Hope you enjoyed the chapter and yes -- I know I'm slow when it comes to longer chapters. Don't worry, they'll get longer. Honest Injun!

Read and review! Plot bunnies are appreciative!

The Conference by Melvacaea [Reviews - 3]

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