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Drabbles & Poetry

Dark by GreenGoddess [Reviews - 3]

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Black is the color of my true love’s hair
Dark is the color of his eyes.
I long to caress his skin so fair,
And sooth his saddened cries.

Shadows reside under his mask
Of anger, contempt, always aloof.
What they’re from I fear to ask,
For he might slip and tell the truth.

He acts so cruel to me and mine
Yet to hate him, I cannot.
His voice so smoky, like sensuous wine,
Washes over me at a thought.

I look and see his hawk-like face
And all I behold is elegance.
The way he moves just exudes grace
And his mind is filled with brilliance.

I wish that one day as past me he glides
That he will take notice and see.
And I will know what that dark surface hides
And let my love know me.

Dark by GreenGoddess [Reviews - 3]

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