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The Potion Master's Muse Challenges > The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour Challenge Specs by Gina R Snape [Reviews - 1]

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The Witching Hour Challenge

The Laydown:

The Muggles are having a convention in October 2005 in Salem, Massachusetts, USA---The Witching Hour---about the Harry Potter books and their beloved characters. (See http://witchinghour.org for more info) Little do the Muggles know that what has been presented to the world as a literary work is in actuality quite REAL. At Hogwarts, Professor Dumbledore tells selected staff, student, and OotP members about the convention, and assigns certain of the same to attend said convention. You decide:

Rules and Particulars:

1. The purpose that makes their attendance necessary (see plot bunny suggestion at bottom for one possible idea)

2. You may pick any number of folks to attend, from among the staff of Hogwarts (including Dumbledore himself, if you wish), the OotP members, and the student body, depending on what fits the background scenario you pick above. But, of course, the attendance of our Beloved Potions Master is mandatory, and he is the main focus of the story. For purposes of the story, Hermione, Harry, and Ron can be included as either still students (6th or 7th year) or ex-students, and are all OotP members. Remember, no HG/SS; OFC acceptable, though I see this as more a comedy than a romance.

3. The primary genre should be comedic or a farce. Lemons welcomed, but please no PWP.

4. As the characters are attending a Muggle convention and are either to purposely or incidentally observe the Muggles there, there should be as much interaction between wizard/witch and Muggle as possible.

Therefore, our dear Potions Master (and/or other characters) should be placed in at least 2 of the following situations:

* He/they have to ride in a Muggle automobile (not a taxi) with a Muggle driving and carry on a polite conversation with same (even if it kills him);

* He/they have to stay over with Muggles in a Muggle home during the convention;

* He/they have to stay over in a Muggle hotel during the convention;

* He/they have to enter/order from/eat Muggle fast food in a fast food restaurant;

* He/they have to attend/participate in the Quidditch Match planned for the Convention

* He/they have to attend a tour of Old Salem, particularly having to do with the Salem Witch Trials OR the House of the Seven Gables (got that from Bewitched---anyone remember that particular show?)

* He/they meet/interact with Muggles who call themselves "witches" (obviously not in the Hogwarts sense)

* He/they see/comment upon a TV show or movie involving the Muggle view of "witches" (Bewitched, Carrie, Sabrina, etc.)

* He/they enter/react to stalls or stores selling HP memorabilia, such as "magic wands", "crystal balls", etc.

* He/they crashes a symposium discussing himself and/or some aspect of the magical world and he reacts----well, how would you expect?

* He/they, all being British, encounter at least 3 situations where the differences between British/American language, customs, or common practice set them up for some very funny scenes of misapprehension and confusion;

* He/they, since they are very limited in using magic, have to muddle along (not very successfully) with using muggle appliances and electronics during their stay.

* He decides to put on the appearance of Alan Rickman to "blend in" more

5. The Potions Master has to use at least 3 of the following phrases:

* "Silence!"

* "That IS my name."

* 'Turn to page 394."

* "Unhand me, woman!"

* "Reveal your secrets!"

* "We'll see about this!"

* "This is plainly full of Dark Magic."

* "And you, sir, are a greasy git."

* "I think I will go back to bed."

* "Do you know who I am?"

* "Have you read the ingredients in this potion?!"

* "I see no difference."

* "You don't want me as your enemy."

* "Ah----our newest celebrity!"

* "Indeed. Most unfortunate."

* "Foolish wand-waving, indeed."

There is NO WORD OR PAGE LIMIT to the length of this challenge.


The deadline for this challenge is April 1, 2005. After this time, a survey will be created and group members will vote for their favorite story.


Have questions? Just e-mail ginarsnape@earthlink.net If it's a question you think other participants might have, you can also post directly to the list.

Don't forget to check your fic for grammar and spelling before submitting. New authors are encouraged to find a beta.


The Ministry of Magic has learned of Muggles' increasing interest in, and dangerously close-to-the-truth knowledge about, the world of magic, as expressed by a convention about and based on the Harry Potter books, and is becoming concerned that the wall of secrecy between the magical and muggle worlds will be breached. The ones who are sent to the convention are to find out just how much the Muggles really DO know about the real magical world, how they learned it (has some witch or wizard been violating the Statute of Secrecy?), whether the wizarding world is indeed in danger of being exposed, and what to do about it. Since the concern is that the secrecy of the magical world may have already been compromised, the magical visitors are instructed to use as little magic as possible. Dumbledore may convince our very reluctant potions master that this could be an amusing holiday and way to observe muggles more closely. The convention provides the perfect opportunity to do so in ANONYMITY, since many of the muggles attending will be dressed to look like the Hogwarts characters.

The Witching Hour Challenge Specs by Gina R Snape [Reviews - 1]

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