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Thank you for the love potion by veradee [Reviews - 29]

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Thank you for the love potion

A story by veradee

She has a nice bottom, Professor Snape thought. Small and firm. He watched her hips, which swayed slightly to the music. With the tip of his tongue he wetted his lower lip.

She wasn't dancing but stood at the edge of the dance floor and talking to Professors McGonagall and Sprout. Her long dark-brown hair was made up in a bun. His hands itched to remove the pins so that the hair would cascade down her back in waves.

Snape shook his head. What was he thinking? Since when was he lusting after Madam Pince? He forced himself to look somewhere else.

It was the leaving feast. And at the same time they celebrated the defeat of Voldemort. For this memorable occasion Professor Dumbledore had turned the Great Hall into a nightclub with dance floor, bar and buffet. All of the students were partying, dancing and laughing.

Even most of the teachers could be found on the dance floor. At the moment he was the only one who sat at his usual place at the High Table.

Snape's eyes returned to the librarian. She had moved a bit so that he could see her from the side now. She laughed heartily.

What was she doing in the Great Hall anyway? She rarely came here. Neither for the regular meals nor for any kind of feasts.

She wore a blue robe, which clung to her bosom. Her breasts were small and pert, exactly as he liked them. They would fit perfectly into his hands.

He grit his teeth, when he realised that his tongue darted out again. What was wrong with him?

Irritated he toyed with the glass that stood in front of him. He swirled the rest of his firewhisky around, when the truth dawned on him. Someone must have slipped a love potion into his drink. But who would...?

"Potter," he hissed. Or Weasley. But neither of them was intelligent enough to brew such a potion. He narrowed his eyes. Of course. Miss Granger. Or all three of them together.

His eyes searched the dance floor. Yes, there they were, laughing and shooting an occasional glance in his direction.

He smirked. The school year wasn't over yet. The students would be leaving tomorrow morning. Tonight he still could deduct points.

He raised from his chair but felt a bit dizzy. With a low grunt he sat down again.

"Is everything alright, Severus?" he heard a voice.

Snape turned his head in the direction the voice had come from. A blurry Professor Dumbledore stood at his side. He blinked before he nodded. After a moment he could see the Headmaster clearly again.

"Now, why do you sit here alone? Come and join us." The Headmaster grabbed Snape's elbow and pulled him from the chair.

Snape gestured towards the trio on the dance floor. "I just wanted..."

He broke off when Professor Dumbledore led him to Madam Pince, who still talked to the Transfiguration professor. Professor Sprout had just been asked to dance by Professor Flitwick.

Snape's heart began to beat faster.

"Hello Severus." Madam Pince's voice sounded slightly husky. She gave him a dazzling smile.

He stared at her red lips and swallowed. "Irma," he muttered.

"It's a rather nice feast, isn't it?" she said. "Perhaps it was a mistake that I've never come before."

She looked at him and he drowned in her blue eyes. He felt a tightening in his groin.

"Yes, perhaps it was," he managed to ground out.

He turned his gaze away from her. "I'm sorry, Irma, but I think I will have to see after my Slytherins."

She nodded and he fled to the other side of the Great Hall.

There he leant against the wall and inhaled deeply, trying to get his arousal under control. No, he would not give in to a love potion. He would not make a fool out of himself and pursue Madam Pince.


Snape relished at the quietness that had come over Hogwarts. This morning all students had left for the summer holiday. His lip curled. And the infamous trio had left for good.

He was on his way to the Great Hall when he met Madam Pince. He held his breath. She wore the same robe as she had last night but she no longer looked enticing to him. She looked as she always had done.

He knew that the students sometimes called her a vulture. That was a bit unfair but she was very thin, indeed. Carefully he glanced at her. Her breasts were flat and her robe was a bit too wide at her bosom. Her hair was made up in her usual bun, which gave her face rather strict features.

And no longer were her lips as red as they had been last night nor her eyes as blue. He felt relieved.

They nodded at each other when they passed. He turned to have a glance at her rather bony bottom.

A wistful smile crept on his lips. No, she was no beauty. But then again, who was?

Irma Pince, he mused. They had worked at Hogwarts together for the past 16 years but he never had really talked to her. He didn't know much about her. Most of the time she spent in the library, sorting books, cataloguing, shelving and re-shelving them, repairing them.

He never saw her talking much to the other teachers. She liked keeping to herself. Doesn't that sound familiar, he heard a voice in his head.

She also didn't seem to like the students that much. He remembered how she had once caught Harry Potter as he had tried to nick a book from the Restricted Section. She had been furious and had threatened him with a feather duster, screaming like a banshee at him. Snape had to suppress a chuckle at that memory.

He didn't know exactly how old she was but she couldn't be much older than he was. Four or five years perhaps. He vaguely remembered her, when he had come to Hogwarts as a student. She had been a few years above him.

Was she a Ravenclaw? Probably. It would fit a librarian, but he didn't know.

Perhaps he should talk to her a bit more? Get to know her better?

He scowled and with a determined push he opened the door to the Great Hall. Stop it, he told himself. It was just a stupid love potion.


Snape wiped his clammy hands at his robe. Great Merlin! He felt like a third-year-student who asked a girl out to Madam Puddifoot's.

He stood hidden behind a shelf of books and observed the librarian, who sat at her desk and worked.

He cleared his throat. "Ah... Irma," he croaked. "Would you mind coming over for a moment? I need your help."

He heard her approaching and took a deep breath.

"What is it?" Madam Pince asked and stepped beside Snape.

He swallowed.

"Yes, I'm looking for a certain potions book but I can't find it. I think it should be here on this shelf though."

"Which one?"

"'Beetlejuice and its effects on the nervous system' by Balthazar Micklewhite."

Madam Pince nodded. "Yes, that should be here, indeed."

She turned around to have a look at the book shelf. Her hand wandered along the rows of books.

Snape stared at her back and again cleared his throat.

"You know...," he began. "I thought it was a pity that we didn't have the chance to talk to each other at the feast two days ago because I had to look after my students." He wetted his dry lips. "But, ah, perhaps we could have a cup of tea together sometime and, ah, talk a bit?" He suppressed a groan at his inarticulate stammering.

Madam Pince turned back to him, one eye brow curiously raised.

He felt heat creeping up his cheeks. "But perhaps better not, if you don't want to. Ah, perhaps I shouldn't have..." His voice trailed off.

She gave him a tentative smile. "No, no. I would like to have a cup of tea with you, Severus."

"Oh, good," he stuttered and smiled at her in relief.



He felt her warm breath at his ear. Smooth fingers slowly went up his spine.

Opening his eyes he turned around in the bed to face his wife.

Irma smiled at him and he captured her lips in a kiss.

"Good morning," he eventually mumbled.

"Good morning to you, too, and a happy anniversary." She leaned in for another kiss.

"How would my love wish to spend our special day?" he whispered.

"First, I'd like to stay in bed." She nibbled at his earlobe. "And then we could spend some time in the library. I received some new books some days ago, which have to be shelved yet. I didn't find the time as long as the students were still here."

He growled and took her into his arms. "Shelving books, is it? I see."

"And then we mustn't forget the photo."

She gave him a naughty smile and he smirked, when he saw the glint in her eyes. "No, we mustn't."

He gave her another deep kiss. "I love you so much, Irma," he whispered.

Her hand started to travel down his chest. It circled around his belly button and finally wandered further down his body.


Snape watched his wife getting up from the bed. Naked she walked towards the door.

He loved watching her. She had a nice bottom. Small and firm. Her hips swayed slightly when she walked. Her long dark-brown hair cascaded down her back in waves.

After a moment she returned. Her breasts were small and pert, exactly as he liked them. They fit perfectly into his hands.

She looked at him with her blue eyes and her red lips split into a huge smile.

He felt himself hardening again.


"Eeew, not another one," cried Ron Weasley and held up a photo that an owl had just delivered.

"What is it?" Harry Potter and Hermione Granger asked unison.

The three friends sat at a table at The Three Broomsticks commemorating the defeat of Voldemort five years ago.

"It's another photo from Professor Snape and Madam Pince," Ron said. He pulled a face and gave it to Harry and Hermione.

It pictured their former Potions master, who gave his wife, their former librarian, a loving and very long kiss.

Underneath the moving photo was something written in Snape's familiar scrawl.

"Thank you very much again for the love potion. Today we celebrate our fifth anniversary."

The End

Thank you for the love potion by veradee [Reviews - 29]

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