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War by Grae Snape [Reviews - 4]

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Summary: Voldemort is long gone and his evil clutches are no longer holding the Wizarding World at his will. Now, six years later the war has not stopped. Voldemort wasn't pulling the strings, it seems that someone was pulling his strings. Will the Wizarding World be able to conquer a madman even more powerful than Voldemort?

The Beginning Of The End

Six years is a long time to brood over your past; always wishing you could change some part of it. Twenty-four year old Grae Black-Snape was no different than anyone else in that aspect. She was not old by any standards, but the devasting loss of war had taken a toll on said girl. The only one who could truly make her smile any more was her husband, Severus Snape. Ironically he wasn't a man that smiled often, if ever at all.

Her friends had all deserted her for her choice of a husband, all but one, Harry Potter. He may have hated the man, but he could never hate the girl that he once loved. 'Sometimes I wish he could hate me so I wouldn't have to face those pitiful green eyes...' She thought to herself as she moved away from the window that overlooked the grounds of Hogwarts.

Her eyes were no longer soft emerald orbs, instead they were as icy as the snow that covered the ground. She had been a pawn in the war just like her husband, a spy treated no better than a dog by either master. If she did not please one master, it left disappointment to the other to know they had gained nothing for the time being.

Death has flanked us forever
It seems that we cannot escape
The war is all around us
And now it's in this place

Our home is starting to crumble
From years of serving both sides
Running from two masters
And then returning to their sides

A soft sigh escaped from her barely parted lips as she moved away from the window, pulling her dark red, almost black, hair into a loose ponytail. Her hair swished behind her as she turned to look in the direction of the bedroom door which was now opening.

"It's only me, love.." Severus said quietly as he walked into the room, shutting the door behind him. Grae gave him a loving smile before she walked over to him, taking his coat from his shoulders. Severus returned her smile before he pulled her into his arms, kissing her gently. These were the days when loving him was easiest.

"What did Dumbledore say on the matter?" she questioned softly, looking up in his dark smoldering eyes. Severus sighed as he pulled away and placed his coat on the back of a nearby chair, undoing the top most buttons on his silk white shirt.

"The same as always, I'm afraid...He and Minerva disagree with us on every possible level. They do not want to believe that we may be heading into an age darker than that of Voldemort's short reign."

A nod was all he received as Grae sat down on their bed which was adorned with maroon and onyx silk sheets. She should've known that Dumbledore would refuse to listen to her husband on something that had to do with going back into the past six years.

"He never listens to reason any more. He's too old to hold the position of Headmaster.."

She mumbled as she fell backwards on the bed. A soft chuckle was her reply as her husband moved to sit on the bed beside her. At least their love had remained untouched by time and untainted by their pasts.

Hold on to me
And I'll carry you
Across your fears
And to my heart

Together we'll stand strong
With nothing in our way
No matter what they throw at us
We'll never change

Attentive as ever, Severus heard his wife's barely audible yawn from his position at the side of the bed. A fleeting smile appeared on his face before it was replaced with concern.

"Grae, let's get some sleep...The day has been long and tomorrow promises to be even longer."

He heard her soft sigh before he felt her sit up on the bed beside him. Dark onyx eyes met intense emerald as he leaned in for a gentle kiss before he stood up and walked towards the bathroom. Grae smiled gently at his retreating form before she set about getting ready. It wasn't long before the bathroom door opened to reveal Severus standing in nothing but his black silk boxers as he started over to the bed.

Grae was laying on the left side of the bed in nothing but her blue silk nightgown. His mind registered the fact that she was already asleep even before his eyes rested upon her peaceful face. Shaking his head lightly he moved to lay down on the bed beside her, draping his arm possessively around her waist. 'Time has taken so much from us my love....but it will not take me away from you..' He thought silently before he pulled her close and fell into the darkness known as sleep.

Author: Well, how did I do? This came to me after some very heavy reading on my part of SS/HG fics and someother well placed couples from the Hp world...but anyways I thought I might as well post this and see what I got for it..I don't own Hp, J.K. Rowling does..I only own Grae, this story, the plot, and the song/poem thing...anyways, let me know how I did.

War by Grae Snape [Reviews - 4]

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