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So much for relaxing by Amber Snape [Reviews - 15]

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His first stop in his rooms was the bar. Funny how it had not been used often until a couple of years ago. Not until that brat had shown up, bringing with him the attentions of an almost forgotten evil. Now several new bottles sat atop the ebony. Selecting the crystal decanter of firewhiskey he poured a generous measure into one of the matching glasses. After taking a gentle sip he set the glass on the bar top, and began working the buttons of his robes free. As soon as he could he slipped it off and with a wave of his wand sent it soaring across the room to hang on the wall. Picking up the glass he moved toward a door as he sipped from the warm liquid again. As seemingly casual wave of his wand and the fire leapt to life.

In the bathroom the glass made a soft sound as he set it on the vanity next to the sink. Habit lead his hands as he started the shower and adjusted the temperature just right. As he removed the remainder of his clothes and dropped them into the hamper steam began to fill the room. Another sip then he held the glass up to peer through the warm liquid. Without any hesitation he tipped the glass to his lips and downed the remaining whiskey with a single movement. Setting the now empty glass on the marble he turned to the shower.

A more relaxed man emerged from the room wrapped in a silk robe, his hair still damp from the shower. Moving straight to the bar, he selected a decanter of sweet smelling brandy. After pouring a small amount into a large snifter, he moved to a comfortable chair near the fire. Settling into the butter soft leather, he moved his wand in a lazy movement. The gentle sound of music filled the room. Leaning his head against the back of the chair he let the warm, slow tone of the music wash over him. The dulcet tones finished relaxing him, as he let go of the day’s events, the snifter held loosely in his hand. Classical music had always been his refuge from the dark pressures of his life. The subtle nuances of the music always seemed to have the ability to help him forget his problems.

Just as his relaxation was complete the peace was shattered by the sound of big band swing. His hand convulsed and shattered the glass in his hand. In a flash he was on his feet with his wand ready to hex the prankster. As he calmed down and looked around it hit him. Where would the crazy old man put a dangerous werewolf in the school? The rooms next to his had been vacant for the entire time he had lived in these rooms. But that could not be true now. The evidence was even now drowning out his music.

A sharp motion with his wand and his music volume rose over that of his neighbor. Over the next few minutes the Potions Master and the DADA professor turned up their music enough to shake the stones of the great castle. Their “duel” was interrupted by the abrupt sound of a dying cat. Deciding that enough was truly enough Severus Snape threw open the door to his rooms intent on hexing Remus Lupin into next year. The sight that met him in the hallway, left him frozen in the doorway.

The tall professor of Transfiguration was standing there with a large set of bag pipes under her arm. Next to her stood the diminutive professor of Charms stood with his arms crossed. At the other end of the hall a door stood open and a stunned looking Remus Lupin stood in it. Removing the mouthpiece of the pipe from her prim mouth, Minerva McGonagall somehow managed to pin a stern look on both the men.

“In case it has escaped your notice, you are both grown wizards. As such it is expected that you act in a grown manner. Seeing as it seems you both have forgotten your basic charms, Professor Flitwick has graciously agreed to demonstrate silencing charms for you.” As Lupin and Snape opened their mouths to respond she raised her hand. “If I ever have to come down here to remind you, either of you, that you are professors, the silencing charms will not be placed on the walls and they will be unbreakable. I trust I make myself clear.” Two mouths closed and heads nodded in unison.

So much for relaxing.


A/N: Ok so I am sorry for inflicting this on all of you. Thank you for making it through it all. I work at Wal-Mart and we have this machine that plays bits of a bunch of different CDs to try and get you all to buy them. In the pattern is a sequence of: classical, swing, bagpipes. I hear this several times a day, every day. From this experience this story grew until I could no longer ignore it. I welcome your comments, especially as it is not had a beta’s touch at all.

So much for relaxing by Amber Snape [Reviews - 15]

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