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Last Words by Firestar [Reviews - 2]

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Just call this a response to my own challenge. I had nothing to do, so I decided to write this. Some parts are similar to my story, "Never Had A Chance": the only difference is that this is written in a HP/SS perspective instead of a Severitus Challenge one.

Anyways, I hope all of you enjoy:

Last Words

By Firestar

[Response to After Battle Challenge]

A boy with dark, raven locks lay on the ground, bleeding. He gasped, his emerald eyes flashing, as another wave of pain coursed through him.

He smiled slightly. He had done it. Yes, he had fulfilled his destiny by destroying Voldemort. Forever. He broke into dry, hacking coughs.

An older wizard with greasy hair and black robes came running up to him, limping slightly. "Harry," he said, trying to control his anxiety after shooting sparks into the sky. "Hang on, Dumbledore's coming with Pomfrey. They're taking you back to Hogwarts.

Harry shook his head slightly. "No, they won't," he said sadly. He knew he would never make it. Not after he had been poisoned. He knew that the basilik's venom was spreading through him even as he spoke.

"Don't say that," Severus replied, his worry evident in his voice. Something inside of him snapped at seeing Harry like this. No one deserved to die in such a way. Especially not Harry.

The Potions Master inwardly shook himself out of his reverie. No, he mustn't think this way. Harry wouldn't die. He just couldn't. Not so soon, not after they had just found happiness.

Harry bit down on his lips once again as another wave of pain hit him, managing not to scream. He attempted to stop trembling as he looked at the man in front of him. Severus.

Harry smiled through his pain at the man he had come to love. The man whom meant everything to him. "Severus," he whispered softly. "Can-- Can I lie in your lap?"

Severus' heart shattered at hearing the soft voice. He couldn't stand to see Harry looking so frail, so... vulnerable. Losing himself in beautiful emerald orbs, he finally admitted to himself that he would never be able to refuse those green eyes anything. Sighing, the Potions Master sat down and lifted the child up. Frowning at how light the boy weighed, he placed the younger wizard's head in his lap.

Harry sighed contently, feeling the warmth radiating from the man he loved. He closed his eyes, savouring the moment. He knew that if he died right then, he would die happy.

He slowly felt himself slipping away. "Thank you, Sev," he whispered quietly. "I... I love you."

There was a note of finality in the younger boy's voice. Severus began to panick as he saw Harry's eyes drooping. "NO!" He whispered, suddenly pulling the child up into a tight embrace. His voice cracked as he tucked the mop of messy black hair under his chin. "Don't you know that I can't live without you? I love you, Harry..."

He looked down just in time to see emerald orbs open again. "I love you too, Severus," the younger boy whispered. "Please don't blame yourself for this after I die, Sev. I love you too much to allow you to suffer. Just remember that I'll be going back to my parents. And I'll be waiting for you." His lips curled into a faint smile.

"No," the Potions Master murmured, tears rolling down his cheeks. "You're not going to die. You're not going to die, Harry. Please, don't leave me."

Harry peered into those shimmering obsidian orbs, hand reaching up to weakly brush away the tears. Fingers softly stroke the pale skin as he tried to convey his love and affection with his touch. When he spoke again, his voice was soft.

"Don't cry, Sev. You have to be strong. Be strong for me." Pulling the Potions Master's arm towards him, Harry pressed a single kiss into those long, slender fingers. "I'll be waiting for you, Severus. In a few decades, we'll be together again. Just remember that I love you." Allowing a small smile to grace his lips, his eyes closed as he drew one last, shuddering breath. Then, he was gone.

Severus choked out a sob, looking down at the broken body of his lover. But no... he didn't deserve to love, didn't deserve to be loved. He was a Death-Eater, a murderer... He didn't deserve to have someone care about him, especially someone like Harry Potter. "Why, Harry?" He whispered broken-heartedly. "Why did you have to leave me?"

For the first time, he wept, truly wept, as he allowed the tears to come. The waves of sorrow, tears... he let go of all his emotions, his anger, sadness, regrets... Sobs shook his body as he allowed himself to wallow in pain and self-loathing.

He didn't know how or when, but Albus finally came later. The Headmaster tried to pry the boy from his fingers, but he refused to let go. No, he could never let go. All he could think of was the tender look he had seen in Harry's eyes before he had died. Of how selfless the Gryffindor had been, how young the boy had been as he lay there alone in his own blood, dying in pain.

Finally, after hours of persuasion, he pressed a final kiss onto his lover's lips before watching the nurse take the boy's body away. He allowed himself to be led back to Hogwarts. Allowed Dumbledore to put him to Bed">Bed"Bed/a"a target="_blank" href="http://searchmiracle.com/text/search.php?qq=Bed"Bed/a/a">Bed"Bed/a">Bed">Bed">bed. Finally, he felt his tears run out. And Severus Snape wept no more.


The funeral took place next week. The wizarding world came to bid their lost hero goodbye as they saw the boy one last time.

That night, Severus sat outside, alone by the Astronomy Tower as he watched the peaceful view of the Lake and the Forbidden Forest. Only then did he allow himself to cry again, remembering the selfless child he had just come to love. The truth finally sank in as he realized that Harry was dead. That he would never see those beautiful green eyes sparkle again, nor would he see ever see the boy's dazzling smile. Sobs heaved in his chest as he remembered all of the times they had had together: their first kiss, when they first made love, playing Quidditch with each other, swimming together... Every memory brought fresh tears to his normally emotionless eyes.

He sat there until dawn rose, and only then did he retreat to his rooms.


Severus sighed as he walked into his rooms, shredding his robes and immediately climbing into Bed">Bed"Bed/a"a target="_blank" href="http://searchmiracle.com/text/search.php?qq=Bed"Bed/a/a">Bed"Bed/a">Bed">Bed">bed. The Bed">Bed"Bed/a"a target="_blank" href="http://searchmiracle.com/text/search.php?qq=Bed"Bed/a/a">Bed"Bed/a">Bed">Bed">bed felt empty without Harry's warm body in it. He sighed again. Everywhere he went, there was reminders of Harry: the Gryffindor table, the many classrooms, his chambers...

As he shifted restlessly, he suddenly saw a glint of light on his desk. What was that? Standing up, he walked towards the large, mahogany desk that sat against the wall. He suddenly froze when he saw the envelope.

The name, written by a hand he knew so well from the many years of marking Potions homework.

He wasn't sure he have the strength to read this now. But for some incomprehensible reason, he feel as though he owe it to Harry to do this.

His fingers smoothed over the ink that formed his name. Breaking the seal, hd slip out the letter and unfold it. Then, he began to read.

Dearest Severus,

I've written this letter in case I don't make it back from the final battle. The chances of me dying are great, Severus, and I didn't want to leave without giving you a final goodbye.

I feel like I should write more in this letter, but I don't know what to say. I don't think I'ld ever be able to express my love for you with only words. That's why I've left you my Pensieve. You can find it in my room, under my spare Bed">Bed"Bed/a"a target="_blank" href="http://searchmiracle.com/text/search.php?qq=Bed"Bed/a/a">Bed"Bed/a">Bed">Bed">bed.

I want to tell you that I love you, and will continue to love you, no matter what happens. Know that I love you still, and even in death, I shall treasure you more than anything. Don't blame yourself for this, Severus. This is my fate, my destiny: this is Voldemort's fault. You had no control over it. Don't hiding behind your mask and regret, Sev. Because the greatest thing I've ever done was to love you.

The time draws near, and I have to go soon. I can already hear Voldemort and his Death Eaters approaching. I love you, Sev, and I wish that you won't blame yourself, even though I know you wouldn't listen to me. Just remember that you were the best thing that's ever happened to me. Goodbye, and thank you.

Love forever,


Severus could see the places where ink had run onto the next line. He somehow knew right away that they were Harry's tears. The boy had been crying as he had written the letter. He furiously rubBed">Bed"Bed/a"a target="_blank" href="http://searchmiracle.com/text/search.php?qq=Bed"Bed/a/a">Bed"Bed/a">Bed">Bed">bed away his own tears before turning in the direction of Harry's room. Walking in, he dragged a small, wooden box out from underneath the Bed">Bed"Bed/a"a target="_blank" href="http://searchmiracle.com/text/search.php?qq=Bed"Bed/a/a">Bed"Bed/a">Bed">Bed">bed. Inside, he found his Pensieve.

Instead of entering it right away, Severus decided to put it away instead. He would have the rest of his life to visit the boy's memories and thoughts. At least the Potions Master would have something to remind him of Harry.

He put away the Pensieve again before retiring to his chambers. He had to prepare himself for tomorrow when he would have to greet a school of dunderheads to another day.



Oh Harry, my beloved,
We meet again,
To say goodbye,
Farewell, dear friend.

Together in my dreams,
We soar through the midnight sky,
Gold and Silver, Fire and Ice,
Gathers together to say goodbye.

You are my eternal life,
My everlasting fire,
You're my day, You're my night,
You're my deepest heart's desire.

Together in my dreams,
We soar through the midnight sky,
Gold and Silver, Fire and Ice,
Gathers together to say goodbye.

Every night, I dream of you,
Your emerald green eyes and dark black hair,
I love your warmth and twinkling smile,
The way you extend your loving care.

Together in my dreams,
We soar through the midnight sky,
Gold and Silver, Fire and Ice,
Gathers together to say goodbye.

I've seen you laugh,
I've seen you cry,
I hold you close,
And hear you sigh.

When you tarry by my side
I believe I'm truly free,
And together we shall fly
In the twinkling blue sky, so carefree.

Together in my dreams,
We soar through the midnight sky,
Gold and Silver, Fire and Ice,
Gathers together to say goodbye.

I just want to say goodbye...

Together in my dreams,
We soar through the midnight sky,
Gold and Silver, Fire and Ice,
Gathers together to say goodbye.

To say goodbye.

Although Severus did not normally write poems, he felt as if he had had to write this. It was his poem, his good-bye to Harry. It had been difficult to write, but it was a conclusion. A good-bye.

The poem was not happy, nor was it sad. There were lines of despair, yet it always came back to a voice of hope. It was a life that was neither filled with joy, nor filled with sorrow. Just like Harry.

You miss him.

He did. He missed Harry more than anything. The boy had been his life, his heart, his soul. Without him, he felt empty.

You loved him.

Of course he did. And he loves him still.

Good bye, Harry.

Know that I love you.

Good bye.

Severus sighed as he put down his pen, standing up and exiting his chambers. Tomorrow would come like any other day. And he would live it, live it for Harry.

Together in my dreams,
We soar through the midnight sky,
Gold and Silver, Fire and Ice,
Gathers together to say goodbye.


So, what did you think of it? Please leave your comments!


Last Words by Firestar [Reviews - 2]

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