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1000+ Members In Your Face MarySue by Gina R Snape [Reviews - 0]

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One Thousand + Members MarySue In Your Face Challenge

The Laydown:

To celebrate The Potion Master’s Muse hitting one thousand members. Let's admit it, folks. All female characters are Mary Sues to some extent. So why not put yourself in your fic? Let’s defy the ‘rules’ and say IN YOUR FACE MarySue BASHERS!!! Write a fic where YOU (or another person you know, with their permission) gets the chance to get it on with the Potions Master.

The Rules:
· The story may be no longer than 15 pages in length (not including author’s note)
· Must include yourself or someone you know as the OFC—no Hermione and no OFC from another fic allowed.
· There must be at least one sex scene between you and Snape (how explicit is up to you, but if you try to ‘cheat’ on this part your story will be disqualified and you will serve detention with Filch).
· You may write yourself as a muggle, squib or witch, and may use your author name or real name in the story. You may make yourself any age, but at least 18.
· Snape must try to perform legilimency on you or use occlumency against you.
· At least one canon character must see you and Snape snogging.
· A portrait must say something snarky about your affair with Snape
· Snape must say ‘Potion Master's Muse’
· There must be a reference to one thousand members (or a thousand of something)
· Hermione must have a cameo where she is upset

Include at least 8 of the following:

o Snape saying “Reveal Your Secrets
o Snape saying “How disappointing”
o Snape saying “Going for a little walk in the moonlight”
o Snape saying “Insufferable know-it-all”
o Snape saying “How I hoped I’d be the one to catch you”
o Snape saying “As an antidote for your…”
o Snape saying “Do I detect a flicker of fear?”
o Snape saying “Clearly it’s full of dark magic”
o Kneeling before Snape
o A reference to Snape ‘playing with his chemistry set’
o Hermione sobbing in the corner
o A house elf serving you breakfast and making an eyebrow-raising comment
o Billowing Black Robes
o Cracking a cauldron
o Slamming shutters
o Sirius Black and fleas
o The giant squid
o Dumbledore and McGonagall taunting (friendly) Snape for choosing you
o Using a magical item as a sex toy
o Greying underpants
o The trio (H/R/Hr) see the two of you at The Leaky Cauldron
o You and/or Snape insult Sirius Black in some way
o Snape missing a class/staff meeting/Order meeting because he’s with you


The deadline for this challenge is July 19, 2004. After this time, a survey will be created and group members will vote for their favourite story.


Have questions? Just e-mail me at ginarsnape@yahoo.com or leave me a LJ response (http://www.livejournal.com/users/gina_r_snape). If it’s a question you think other participants might have, you can also post directly to the list.

Author submission specifics: In order to conserve space on TPMM, we ask that you do one of the following:

· If you choose to upload your Challenge submission to the files section, please use an HTML format, and place your story in the appropriate challenge folder.
· If you choose to upload your Challenge submission to an offlist archive such as Sycophant Hex, FF.net, Whispers, aff.net, etc; rather than uploading it into the challenge folder, please place an HTML document in the challenge folder with a link to your story.

SPECIAL NOTE: Occlumency/Sycophant Hex has a special folder just for our challenges. We encourage writers to use this folder for uploading fics, and to use that site for posting all your fics!

Their main site (for Snape fics) is http://occlumency.sycophanthex.com/

The challenge folder is http://occlumency.sycophanthex.com/categories.php?catid=17&parentcatid=17&PHPSESSID=81ae8e4a17420761231b86ce9255babc

E-mail the Webmistress of the site for questions about uploading your fic. Webmistress@sycophanthex.com You must register as an author on the site if you intend to upload there.

Don’t forget to check your fic for grammar and spelling before submitting. New authors are encouraged to find a beta.

1000+ Members In Your Face MarySue by Gina R Snape [Reviews - 0]

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