What's Cooking?: What's Cooking?

by Mayavanaviharini harini

“What on earth is this, Patil?” growled Severus, staring at the now English title of the book before him, following a well-executed Marathi-to-English Translation Charm. “Kitchen Secrets: 101 exciting dishes using vermicelli?”

He glanced at the cheeky note from his roommate, who was nowhere to be seen.

Dear Severus,

Many happy returns of the day.

Hope you like your gift. It might just prove helpful in getting over Evans.

Vitthal Patil

Reversing the earlier charm, he cast a Devanagari-to-Roman Transliteration Charm.

He finally understood. He wasn’t amused.

Patil, you never told me that Sev meant ‘vermicelli’ in Marathi.

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