The Debutant: The Debutant

by Agnus Castus

This 100-word drabble was inspired by a writing challenge on the Facebook group Muffliato! from this picture of Severus Snape:

Severus Snape

The Debutant

Sounds of nervous, feminine laughter drifted through the doorway.

Dread crept through Snape’s gut.

He counted two female Death Eaters sitting around the table, plus Narcissa in the hallway, receiving her final dinner guest.

Hush descended as the new arrival set eyes on the remaining chair beside Snape’s.

Her bare arms were free of the Dark Mark; her gaze bore no sign of the Imperius Curse. Why would she enter the snake pit of her own volition?

A momentary, light brush of pressure graced the side of his thigh as she took her seat.

This could not end well.

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