One Last Request: One Last Request

by sshg316

Much thank to Subversa for beta-ing. This series of 100-word drabbles was inspired by an icon I found on Live Journal. To see it, feel free to drop by my LJ. See my profile for the link.

He stood in the golden field, his head bowed and his eyes closed, as he allowed the chill of the evening to seep into his weary soul. The sky was dark and ominous, befitting his melancholy. A rush of wind wafted through the desolation; the air was fragrant with the redolence of the approaching storm.


He was utterly and completely alone. Albus had been his mentor, his friend, his surrogate father and he had killed him. Potter had been correct he was a coward.

His hands curled into fists, his nails cutting through the skin. He welcomed the pain.


Reaching into his robes, he removed a piece of folded parchment. A tingle of magic indicated that only he would be able to see what had been written therein. With a shuddering breath, he began to read.


I have asked you to make many sacrifices on behalf of the Light. Do not allow
my sacrifice to be in vain. Allow yourself to live. This is my last request.

In my heart, you have always been my son.


The rain began to fall, masking the trail of tears that flowed down his sallow cheeks.

He would honour his request.

There is a sequel titled 'A Request Honoured' that can be found under the Ashwinder category.

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