Smut on Spinners End Challenge: Challenge Specs

by Gina R Snape

Challenge Name
Smut on Spinner’s End!

The Laydown:

At Spinner’s End, we finally get the chance to see Snape interacting with women his own age, not in the company of children. We also get to see him in “Death Eater” or “Spy” mode, as it were. Talking smooth, serving elf made wine, etc. So lets expand that chapter a little bit! You write something worthy of Wormtail listening at keyholes to! You have the choice of two scenarios:

Scenario 1: Snape brings home a hot OFC witch to entertain at his presumed bachelor pad.

Scenario 2: Narcissa and Bella show their, er, gratitude for the Unbreakable Vow. (Note: If you choose this option you MUST include an incest warning).

The Rules:
• The story is a “one-shot” and can be no longer than three chapters
• Snape must receive sexual pleasure “on screen” in the story
• Wormtail-bashing is HIGHLY encouraged
• Snape reveals an intriguing secret chamber beyond one of the bookshelves. Whether they do anything in there or not is up to you.
• Snape must peer out of the curtains and close them at some point.

Include at least 5 of the following:

• Snape saying “Have some more elf made wine?”
• Snape saying to Wormtail “Can't you find a way to amuse yourself? Perhaps, that shiny new hand of yours can be of some personal use.”
• Snape saying “He’s taken to listening at keyholes”
• Snape saying “Perhaps your sister will consent to. . .”
• Snape saying “You will need to move a little closer.”
• Snape saying “You are free to report this to the other Death Eaters, Wormtail”
• Snape thinks “I see I won’t be needing any Felix Felicis this evening.”
• Snape peers out of his curtains
• Snape thinks to himself “Not exactly Lucius’ little lapdog NOW”
• Snape plays with the candle light in the room
• Snape saying to Wormtail “Don’t wet yourself.”
• Snape orders Wormtail to fetch something for his sexual encounter (e.g. condoms, contraceptive potion, magical sex toys, etc.)
• A copy of Playwizard is spied in a corner pile of parchments

Innuendo phrases from the chapter that you have the option to incorporate:

• Bellatrix's (Narcissa’s or OFCs) mouth fell open. Snape lowered himself so that he was kneeling opposite Narcissa (Bellatrix or OFCs).

• Standing up, she staggered to Snape and seized the front of his robes. Her face close to his, her tears falling unto his chest, she gasped: “You could do it.”

• She slid off the sofa into a kneeling position at Snape’s feet, seized his hands in both of hers, and pressed her lips to it.

• Bonus for an extra innuendo phrase you found and added. Feel free to italics it.


The deadline for this challenge is September 18, 2005. After this time, a survey will be created and group members will vote for their favourite story.


Have questions? Just e-mail me at or leave me a LJ response at our companion LJ ( If it’s a question you think other participants might have, you can also post directly to the list.

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• If you choose to upload your Challenge submission to the files section, please use an HTML format, and place your story in the appropriate challenge folder.

• If you choose to upload your Challenge submission here at Occlumency, please place an HTML document in the challenge folder with a link to your story.

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