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Until We Close Our Eyes For Good by pixileanin [Reviews - 8]
Severus Snape has finished Hogwarts and is well into his advanced Potions training. Just when he thinks he's finally escaped the wrongs of his past, he gets thrown into a future he wants no part of, all because of the blasted mark on his arm.

SS/Canon > Het
Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance
Warnings: Character Death, Torture, Violence, Implied Character Death
Characters: Alastor Moody, Lucius Malfoy, Original Character, Severus Snape, Other Canon Character (female)
Rating: B Chapters: 8
Published: 2012.02.04 Updated: 2012.06.03
Word Count: 41384 Completed: No

Playing House by Yulara [Reviews - 5]
Nine-year-old Severus imagines what it would be like to be Lily's brother.

SS/Canon > Friendship
Genres: Angst, Friendship
Warnings: Abuse, Violence
Characters: Lily Potter, Severus Snape, Lily Potter, Severus Snape
Rating: S Chapters: 1
Published: 2012.06.03 Updated: 2012.06.03
Word Count: 1584 Completed: Yes

Don't Look Back by peskipiksi [Reviews - 4]
A grieving Snape has the chance to bring Lily back from the dead. But this chance has very specific conditions attached.

Genres: Drama, Angst, Friendship, Tragedy
Warnings: Character Death, DH Spoilers
Characters: Lily Potter, Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, Bellatrix Lestrange, Narcissa Malfoy
Rating: C Chapters: 1
Published: 2012.05.18 Updated: 2012.05.22
Word Count: 3323 Completed: Yes

The Potions Master and the Not-So-Big-Bad Wolf by shadowycat [Reviews - 1]
This is a very slightly smutty, hopefully humorous parody of the fairytale "Little Red Riding Hood" complete with enchanted ropes, stinging curse plants, and mysteriously missing assistants.

SS/Canon > Slash
Genres: Fluff, Humor, Alternate Universe
Warnings: Slash
Characters: Bellatrix Lestrange, Remus Lupin, Severus Snape, Other Canon Character (male)
Rating: B Chapters: 1
Published: 2012.04.26 Updated: 2012.04.26
Word Count: 5062 Completed: Yes

Atonement by akima [Reviews - 3]
Akima seeks to help those in need of hope during her own exile from home. In all her travels, she's never found anyone more worthy than Severus Snape. A story of hope, friendship, loyalty, and love.

Genres: Romance, Friendship, Alternate Universe, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: none
Characters: Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Other Canon Character (female)
Rating: B Chapters: 2
Published: 2012.04.10 Updated: 2012.04.14
Word Count: 1662 Completed: No

A Change of Plans by Squibstress [Reviews - 8]
Ralph Waldo Emerson advises us: "In analyzing history do not be too profound, for often the causes are quite superficial." No profundity here, but a bit of speculation on how a chance meeting and a change of plans altered the course of the last Wizarding War. Winner of a 2012 HP Fanfic Fanpoll Award.

SS/Canon > Het
Genres: Humor, Drama, Romance
Warnings: none
Characters: Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape
Rating: W Chapters: 1
Published: 2012.03.23 Updated: 2012.03.24
Word Count: 10742 Completed: Yes

Afterlife by smoke [Reviews - 1]
Things didn't always go the way Snape thought they would. Death turns out to be no exception.

SS/Canon > Slash
Genres: Romance, Friendship
Warnings: none
Characters: Remus Lupin, Severus Snape
Rating: L Chapters: 1
Published: 2012.03.16 Updated: 2012.03.16
Word Count: 8781 Completed: No

Orion's Pointer by Faraday [Reviews - 146]
The Potions Master is about to meet a bitch of unexpected dimensions.

Genres: Mystery/suspense, Humor
Warnings: none
Characters: Neville Longbottom, Albus Dumbledore, Draco Malfoy, Original Character, Severus Snape
Rating: C Chapters: 59
Published: 2007.03.24 Updated: 2012.03.07
Word Count: 253286 Completed: No

You Don't Know Me by Scaranda [Reviews - 85]
When a young Severus Snape goes to Malfoy Manor with hope in his heart for the woman he loves, he finds his life is changed forever. Of course, nothing turns out the way it is supposed to, but then, it never does. When Severus finds his Andromeda betrothed to another, he feels he has little left in his heart to resist the call of Darkness.

Genres: Angst, Romance, Alternate Universe
Warnings: none
Characters: Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Voldemort/Tom Riddle, Other Canon Character (female)
Rating: C Chapters: 48
Published: 2008.08.20 Updated: 2012.03.01
Word Count: 174125 Completed: No

Slivers by Moira of the Mountain [Reviews - 2]
In exile, there is still devotion.

Drabbles & Poetry
Genres: General, Romance, Drabble
Warnings: none
Characters: Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy
Rating: C Chapters: 1
Published: 2012.02.18 Updated: 2012.02.22
Word Count: 253 Completed: No

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