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Reviews for The Night of the Yule Ball

Kelly Chambliss 2008.12.21 - 10:58PM 1: Old Friends; New Lovers Signed
Great fun. I'm mostly a Minerva femslash fan, but McGonagall/Snape is a het pairing I have no trouble believing (and very much enjoy reading). Yes, I know there's an age difference, but canon strongly suggests that Wizard-age is different from Muggle-age, and in any case, age need not be the insurmountable problem so many people would have it be. (I know a 35-year-old man married to a 65-year-old woman. Honest.) Leaving age aside, McG and Snape make considerable sense as a couple -- both clearly passionate people, loyal, stern, strong, uncompromising, willing to be disliked (although for different reasons). I love their banter / conversation in this story -- very in-character. And the serious touches work well, too. (In canon, we rarely see the teachers speak without students present, and as any teacher knows, the differences between public and private conversations can be striking). If I have any criticism, it's that the actual sex seems rather generic (that is, not particularly McG/Snape-specific). Great line: "Of course it's enchanted. Otherwise it wouldn't hold nearly enough." Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you for the long and thoughtful comment! This is an early story of mine, and I quite agree with your criticism. I hope I've improved since then.

morgaine_dulac 2008.02.26 - 11:27AM 1: Old Friends; New Lovers Signed
Hm, don't really like SS/MM but you did a great job and I enjoyed your story. The bantering was spot on. Btw, 'cut my heart out with a spoon'? You wouldn't have seen Prince of Thieves lately, would you? ;-)

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it, even if it isn't you favorite pairing. RHPoT? Why yes, as a matter of fact, I watched that just a few days ago. ;-) Thanks for commenting!

Faraday 2007.10.19 - 11:20PM 1: Old Friends; New Lovers Signed
Very nice... I enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

deemichelle 2006.07.17 - 09:06PM 1: Old Friends; New Lovers Signed
*nods* That was interesting. Well written. It's hard for me to imagine them together, but truly well done. Thank you :-)

Author's Response: Thank you. Somehow, I can see them with, a deep respect and friendship. I think it was the movies that gave me that impression. The traded looks and unspoken communications.

cb mcwhorter 2006.07.17 - 12:52PM 1: Old Friends; New Lovers Signed
Delightful! Loved the conversation. It's quite the interaction that would generate the finishing-each-other's-sentences that sent Lockhart (literally) packing in COS! JKR gives us very few glimpses into real adult conversation between the teachers, but you know it happens, and you know it's nothing like what the students (& therefore Harry) would actually expect. You've framed that so well! Thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you for the kinds words, and for taking the time to review. Snape and McGonagall always struck me as the type to be friends. Rivals, in House matters, but friends and allies under it all.

Keladry Lupin 2006.07.17 - 11:05AM 1: Old Friends; New Lovers Signed
Woo-ha! That was very nice, indeed. (SS/HG is my OTP, but I often think about branching out, and SS/MM is the first place I'd go if I ever did.) Their banter at the Ball was charming. Thanks!

Author's Response: Thank you! I should do more of them, they're fun.

sexytoaster 2005.06.02 - 06:35PM 1: Old Friends; New Lovers Signed
Holy sweet potatoes! This is my OTP and you made me SO happy by writing this fic! I'm so sending you a fruit basket! XD! Thanks again for wreiting this wonderful fic! You're the best! -Holly^^

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you - lol! So glad to be of service. (Just send that fruit basket to...)

susandara 2005.03.31 - 08:24AM 1: Old Friends; New Lovers Signed
WOW!! I never thought I would be writing that I was entranced by this paring, but your writing style/voice/tone and characterization of both have made me rethink my position. I think this was just lovely. What a way to write about these two. CONGRATS ON A GREAT JOB!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I do like writing these two. They have always struck me as friends. Well, as much as Snape is friends with anyone.

Killer Queen 2005.03.26 - 02:54PM 1: Old Friends; New Lovers Signed
Snape & McGongall, who would have thought??? I really enjoyed it though. Especially the 'search-for-snogging-couples' part. I didn't really understand the 'you did not fail me' bit, but i suppose that was just detail, or am i mistaken?

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed the story.
McGonagall was feeling that she had failed Snape, that had she been different, treated him differently, said different things, that he wouldn’t have joined the Death Eaters. He was simply saying that it wasn’t her fault, that perhaps no one could have stopped him.
Thanks for the review.

Snegurochka 2005.03.11 - 10:24AM 1: Old Friends; New Lovers Signed
Oh, good lord. I don't know how on earth you made this pairing work, but you did! I'm trying to figure out how old McGonagall would have been... 40? I can dig the sexy older woman deal. I like the part where she lets her hair out, and it's got some grey in it but is still all long and sexy and everything. And confident!sex-god!Snape is so appealing. Giggle. *smooths ruffled skirt* I like all these stories of yours set in the pre-Harry days, because basically canon will never prove you wrong. Wheee!

Author's Response: Now that's something I didn't think much about! Just when did this story take place? I'm not sure I gave it all that much thought. I do think of Minerva as being at least 40 years older than Snape, but witches age so well, and live so long... I'm glad you're enjoying my stories - thanks for the review!

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